Yet Another Related Posts WordPress Plugin

yet-another-related-posts-wShould You Use The Yet Another Related Posts WordPress Plugin?

Displaying related posts at the bottom of a new post can be a very powerful way to create better SEO, a better user experience and keep visitors on your website longer. If you use WordPress for your website or blog, the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin can help you display related posts at the bottom of any new post you create.

The plugin has been around for quite some time and has been downloaded over 2.5 million times. It has a number of positive reviews and many experts put the YARPP WordPress plugin in their top 25 WordPress plugins.

What Does YARPP do for You?

Once installed, the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin will display a list of related posts based on tags and the category at the bottom of the current post. This makes the user experience better by recommending more content similar to what they just finished reading.

The power of recommendation can keep a visitor on your site much longer. For example, if you created a series of posts with a part one, part two, part three and part four, the reader may be interested in reading all of these posts. With the YARPP plugin, they will easily find the other parts recommended below the current post.

The Versions of YARPP

The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin comes in two different versions: Basic and Pro.  The basic version of the plugin is free and provides the following:

  • Choice of list or thumbnail view for related posts
  • Templating – Allows you to customize how the results are displayed after the post.
  • Related posts, pages and custom post types
  • Advanced algorithm – Provides the ability to recommend posts based on tags, categories, content, titles and custom taxonomies.
  • Related posts displayed in feeds.

When you upgrade to the Pro version, you gain the power of the following:

  • Easily customize the thumbnail layout with the user interface
  • Add related content from other websites and blogs
  • Display sponsored content for additional revenue
  • Promote products or services across thousands of blogs and websites
  • Receive a detailed report of your related content

Whether you choose the Basic or the Pro version, you gain plenty of power using this plugin.

Requirements of the YARPP

This top WordPress plugin does come with some minimum requirements. You will need to be using the following for it to work properly:

  • WordPress 3.3 or greater – Most up-to-date version is recommended
  • PHP 5 or greater
  • MySQL 4.1 or greater

The plugin will work with most WordPress themes, whether free, premium or the default choices provided with the WordPress installation.

How does the Yet Another Related Posts WordPress Plugin Compare to other Related Post Plugins?

compare-yet-another-related-posts-wordpress-pluginMany plugins are available to add related posts to the bottom of your current post within WordPress. YARPP has been around the longest and has grown into the most powerful choice. This plugin provides the most relevant content and provides advanced features you don’t get with other related posts plugins.

With YARPP, you can set a threshold for the relevancy of your posts, use the improved algorithm, display posts in your RSS feed and integrate the links automatically. Not all of these features are found in any other plugin.

Along with these features, if you use the Pro version of YARPP, you gain benefits you cannot find with other plugins. Whether you want to advertise, make money with the plugin or just gain access to the advanced features, the Pro version makes the Yet Another Related Posts WordPress Plugin a very powerful tool for any webmaster using WordPress.

Is the YARPP User-Friendly?

The Yet Another Related Post Plugin is one of the easiest to use out of all the top WordPress plugins. You can easily decide where you want the related posts to display, how many to display and set all the other options from the simple interface.

Just like many other WordPress plugins, the YARPP was designed to work specifically with WordPress. It’s very easy to use and they provide instructions, along with an extensive FAQ section to make it even easier.

The plugin installs just like any other WordPress plugin and once activated, you will gain access to the easy-to-use interface. If you want to interlink your blog post and recommend more content for readers, one of the easiest and best ways to do it is with the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

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