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Do you Need the Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin?

contact-form-wordpress-pluginUsing the Contact Form 7 will provide a basic and flexible contact form for your WordPress website. This is an important part of many businesses, as your potential customers need to be able to contact you. With this plugin, you can customize the design of the form and set where you would like it to send the mail.

The plugin support many additional features, as well. You can use AJAX submitting, Akismet spam filtering, allow users to upload files and even add a CAPTCHA to the form. The best part about Contact Form 7, it’s free to use!

Is Contact Form 7 the Top Choice?

There are many plugins that can help you create a contact form for your WordPress blog/website. Contact Form 7 is one of those plugins. Since this WordPress plugin is so flexible and easy to use, it’s considered by many as the top choice for a contact form.

Similar plugins tend to be a bit more complicated and give you more options than you may know what to do with. If you don’t know how to write code or you’d rather not worry about it, the Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin is the right choice for you.

Installing Contact Form 7

Installation of this plugin is very easy. All you have to do is download the plugin .zip file and upload it in the plugin area of WordPress. Once it’s uploaded, just activate the plugin and you will find the world “Contact” in the menu of the WordPress Dashboard.

Click “Contact” and follow the simple instructions to create your contact form. It just takes a little copying and pasting to get the form onto a page and in the right spot on your website.

Why do You Need a Contact Form?

There are many reasons to use a contact form on your website, other than the obvious reason. Not only will your visitors have a way to contact you, but you will also be able to control the information and reduce spam. Here are some of the other benefits of using a contact form.

Feedback and Questions

With the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin, you will get a contact form visitors can use to give you reviews, ask questions and even tell you when there’s an issue.

Quote/Service Request

If you run a service oriented business and you give out quotes, you can use a contact form to allow customers to submit service requests.

Reduce Spam

Instead of putting your email address out there, you can use a contact form. Most spammers use software that pulls email address, but the contact form eliminated this issue.

Control the Information

A contact form allows you to control the information a user submits. You can add or subtract fields and make certain fields required with Contact Form 7.

Create Leads

Some websites have reported that just by adding a contact form, they have been able to create more leads from their website. Sometimes people won’t pick up the phone and they won’t take the time to email you, but they will fill out a contact form and let you contact them. Even a simple contact form with just a name, email and section for a question can create leads.

Incorporating Contact Form 7 into your WordPress Website

No matter what type of theme you use or the other WordPress plugins you use, it’s possible to add the Contac Form 7 plugin. This is the best plugin for creating a contact form and known as one of the top 25 WordPress plugins overall.

Whether you decide you need a contact form for service requests, creating leads or for any other reason, using the Contact Form 7 plugin will allow you to take advantage of the many benefits. You can cut down on the spam you receive and you will no longer need to publish your email address.

Many websites provide a contact form because of the many benefits provided. If you use WordPress, adding a contact form is very easy. Just download and install the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin and customized it to fit your needs. Once you have it set correctly, just copy the generated code into your “Contact” page and you’re all set.

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