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tinymce-logoIs TinyMCE Advanced a Necessary WordPress Plugin?

The TinyMCE Advanced plugin provides a better way to edit and create document. WordPress comes with some of the necessary tools to help you create and edit your content. However, if you want to make the editor match Microsoft Word, Writer, OpenOffice or any other word processing software, TinyMCE Advanced will help.

What is the WYSIWYG Editor from WordPress?

WordPress, along with many other platforms use what is called a WYSIWYG editor. This is the area used to create, edit and post content. Understanding how this editor works will help you better understand the advantage of using the TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin.

The WYSIWYG editor is used to create the text and graphics you will display on your WordPress blog. It takes away the necessity to learn how to code a website and makes it possible for even a beginner to create and edit a website. This editor is very valuable for users, especially those without any knowledge of HTML.

How does TinyMCE Advanced Help You?

The TinyMCE Advanced plugin makes it easier to edit your posts and pages. It adds usability, functionality and more options to the WYSIWYG Editor. Some of the features you can add with this plugin include:

  • Advanced HR
  • Advanced Link
  • Advanced List
  • Context Menu
  • Emotions
  • IESpell
  • Nonbreaking
  • Print
  • Replace
  • Table
  • XHTML Extras
  • Visual Characters
  • Context Menu
  • Layer
  • And More!

You can do far more when you add this plugin, which actually includes 16 features in total. It supports the ability to create and edit tables, which is a huge advantage. You can also add more options for inserting lists and the ability to edit in-line css styles. All of these options give you far better flexibility and more options for your blog or website.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

drag-and-drop-tinymce-editorEditing the WYSIWYG Editor with the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin is very easy. The interface allows you to drag-and-drop the options you want to add and any you prefer to delete. Anybody can use this plugin right from the beginning.

Along with the easy-to-use interface, you will also gain access to professional support from the plugin. Since this plugin has been one of the top choices for WordPress for a very long time, there is plenty of information out there about it and plenty of support in the forum. From the simplest questions to the most complicated, you won’t struggle to find the answers.

Is the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin the Best Choice?

Other plugins providing similar benefits are available, such as the WP Super Edit. However, it’s nearly identical, except for a few new features used with the TinyMCE Advanced, which are not available with WP Super Edit.

Another choice is the CKeditor plugin. However, this isn’t the same as the TinyMCE Advanced plugin at all. It was designed for Drupal, not WordPress and changes the entire WYSIWYG editor. It’s great if you’re using Drupal, but for WordPress, this just isn’t the right choice.

Installing the Plugin

Just as you would install any other plugin, installing the TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin is easy. If you’ve already downloaded the plugin, you can simply upload the .zip folder within your WordPress dashboard. Those without the .zip folder can use the search function to find and install the plugin.

Make sure to activate the plugin once it’s installed. This will allow you to go to your WordPress settings and add/subtract any of the advanced features you want from the WYSIWYG Editor.

Should You Use the TinyMCE Advanced WordPress Plugin?

If you want advanced editing options, this plugin is the right choice for your needs. It will add options you cannot get with the basic editor. Once installed, you actually get to choose the advanced options. With the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, you gain more flexibility and control over your blog.

This plugin is free for all WordPress users to download and install. There isn’t an advance version and it comes from a developer with multiple plugins. The support is easy to find. Most of the answers you will need are found in the FAQ section of the WordPress plugin page.

Add the TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin to your arsenal and you will gain plenty of benefits for your WordPress blog and website.

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