Why Might a Sim City Player Make a Good Social Media Manager?

Social Media ManagerFor those that have tried any of the Sim games, you may have found they have an addictive quality to them. They work as a simulation of real life in video game form allowing the user to give their Sim a job, a home, daily tasks and to build a whole city. Millions of copies of the games have been sold over the years even though it was first released back in the 80s.

The game has changed its name to now say SimCity Classic but the simulation is the same other than the extended ability to create an entire city. The simple game has become quite a complex and addicting game that some argue offer skills that can be translated into a person’s social media management skillset. Here is a look at how managing your Sims city can pay off when it comes to your social media presence.

What type of tasks do you have to do on the video game?

Sim City PlayerWhen you play the SimCity games, you learn to build a city by managing various areas at once. It’s a lot of work to keep the city up and running and that is the same case for those trying to manage social media. You have to track different areas continuously and regularly on the game and in social media.

For example, on the SimCity games, you have to track your different residential and commercial zones while developing within the correct zones. On social media, you need to keep track of your different zones from your social media accounts to your business website. Your personal accounts would be like your residential zones while your business accounts or website would be your commercial zones that have to remain separate but equally important.

Your Sim city needs to be powered so it’s important to supply enough power to keep the city running. In social media management, you have to keep the sites running smoothly by putting in the time and effort to write new posts. The good news is that you can schedule this to stay relevant through sites like IFTTT or HootSuite.

Don’t’ forget to keep your city moving by offering transportation. Set up rail systems and roads so that your sims can get around easily. On social media, you need get your posts into your readers’ hands by inviting them to “like” and “share” your posts and offering these options on your website.

Be ready for emergencies and crime on both your city and social media. Your Sim city could see disasters like fires, earthquakes or tornados, plus you could find yourself with high crime levels requiring more police stations. On social media, you could end up with an emergency like a website down time, poor business decisions or intellectual property theft. Plan ahead for these situations so that you know how to overcome them if situation calls for it.

What does it take to be a good social media manager?

Social MediaWhen you’ve played the SimCity games and have a unique set of skills from the game that is translating into social media management, it will make your business run smoother and it will feel easier to maintain. For those that are hiring a social media manager because tasks need to be delegated, it’s important to look for a few qualities that go beyond what you’ve probably gained from playing the SimCity games.

You’ll want to make sure your social media manager has writing and copy experience. Find someone with experience in writing and even a college major relevant to writing. Someone with experience in writing will be able to make a big impact in a few words so be sure they at least have a nice selection of writing samples to show you they can be effective as a writer.

Find out if they have ad copy writing experience. It’s important that a team of people work on a piece of writing since there is a psychology to why people click on certain articles and share posts. Having a background in promotional writing is extremely helpful.

You may want to also look for experience in graphic design and customer service skills. Look for people offering a typical rate because something too low may indicate low experience. Check references with happy clients too.

Use these tips to hire or become a great social media manager and try the SimCity games to see what skills you’ll pick up that can translate into your social media management.

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