How can you Promote Your Blog and Gain Visitors for Cheap?

Blog PromotionWhen you’re on a budget, it makes running your business more challenging. You may feel that there is no easy way to promote your blog or gain visitors without spending a chunk of change on advertising and marketing efforts. In fact, there are ways to promote your blog and gain visitors for cheap or even free.

Your blog is a great way to promote your business and it may bring in some income on its own, so it’s vital to invest the time and energy into it. While you may need to invest some cash into the blog, you can promote it for cheap while still gaining visitors. With a tight budget at the beginning of launching a blog, here is a look at ways to promote it with less than $20 in order to start gaining visitors and to start seeing a profit.

Buy Business Cards

A great way to start promoting your blog is to invest in some business cards. Every time you get a chance to network, meet new people or to offer a referral to current customers, hand them a business card so that they can tell their friends about your company. Make sure it includes your name, website, your specific niche and make sure it looks professional.

It’s the perfect things to hand out at a trade show, when you meet someone by chance in line for coffee or to give your satisfied customers that want to refer their relative. Business cards can be inexpensive and effective; just order them through online sites like Vista Print or at a local office supply store.

Social Media Ads

Social Media AdsDid you know you that paying for social media ads with even $5 will get you in front of people you never could have imagined would see your website otherwise? Plus, your ad can reach like-minded people by targeting the right demographic of your audience. In addition to getting an ad on social media, your money will pay for information used on future marketing for the company.

Facebook and Twitter are the perfect places to campaign. Set it up on Facebook by logging in to your Facebook business page (or setting one up by selecting “create a page”), clicking “Boost post” and then selecting the ad parameters. They will ask you to choose the interest of person, their location, age, gender, and more.

Let it know how much your budget can afford, when to run it and then once it’s up, track how the ad is performing in case you need to make adjustments to the target demographic. Twitter will also let you set up your ad campaign by logging into your account, clicking “promote your account” on your home page and clicking “Create new campaign” which leads analytical access for you to peruse.

Pay for High Quality Photos

Perhaps your blog is perfect now but it needs a way to look a more appealing and beautiful to a reader. You may want to just spend your limited budget on some high quality photos to engage readers more. Don’t use free photos with low quality when you are building your site, instead, spend $10 to purchase photos with 500 pixels that will excite a first-time visitor.

Advertise Locally or Host a Contest

Perhaps you need to reach out locally. If you’ve handed out business cards, consider advertising in a weekly newspaper handed out to folks in the area. You can usually pay for weekly advertising for under $10 but you may want to write up a press release too. Consider hosting a contest or sweepstakes to get people to visit your site. Offer prizes like gift cards or a free product from your company to the winner.

Write High Quality Content

High Quality ContentIt doesn’t cost you anything to ensure your content is high quality. When you provide value on your blog, Google and other search engines are more likely to list you high in the rankings. This can lead to plenty of new visitors without spending any money.

Use these tips to advertise your blog for free or hardly any financial investment, only an investment of your time, energy and talent to get people looking at your company’s blog.

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