Why is Your Website Turning Your Potential Customers Off?

Turning Off CustomersHave you wondered if something about your website was turning off prospective clients? What is it that intrigues someone to view your website but then to never contact you to do business? Having a website is really important to running your business so it’s of total and utter importance that your website is running at optimal quality.

A slow loading page with bad photos that can’t be viewed on a mobile device is an example of companies that don’t get contacted for business by potential customers. With the constant evolving of the internet, it’s important to have a site that can keep up with current web standards and that’s meeting the latest user preferences. Take a look at the typical reasons that websites are turning off potential customers and how to fix these problems.

Your website doesn’t sync up to mobile devices

This may seem like a minor problem but with the increased use of mobile devices, you need to have a website that has mobile optimization. People are more likely to look at your site on their phone than their computer because people are always on the go and working from public transportation, the park bench, coffee shops and more unique spots outside of an office.

Get on board with a world that is becoming more mobile by making your site optimized for mobile devices. Make it easy for someone on their phone or table to navigate your site for contact information, photos and information on what you do. Check your site from a mobile device to see if it’s displaying ads properly or if they are too large or small for the screen size.

Too many keywords & clutter

Too Many KeywordsThere was a point in time when keywords were all over websites in order to encourage SEO. Web copy was written for search engine robots rather than humans at one point but this is no longer. Make sure your website looks more suited for a robot than a reader, you are going to turn off customers. Write content that is geared toward a customer and worry about making search engine rankings in other ways.

You also may be over-cluttering the page. For example, a site that is full of interactive widgets, music, videos, tons of content and it’s hard to read or navigate, your viewer is going to give up before they’ve even dove in. People love a clean, minimalistic, and clear viewing experience.

Low resolution photos

Have you chosen photos for your site that came from a stock photography website? Maybe you’ve chosen photos with really low pixels and it’s hard to even see. Dated and unclear photos could be turning off visitors because of the cheesy and blurry appearance. Rather than choosing stock photos, use images that create an emotional response from the user. Make it unique, clear, high quality and something that reflects your services or products.

Loading speeds

Slow Load TimesLastly, if you don’t have a quick loading page (maybe from all of the clutter) it’s time to resolve the issue. People will only give you a few seconds to load before they won’t want to bother with the a website and ultimately, your company. People are used to fast loading speeds so don’t try to test your customers’ patience. They will give up quickly if a site loads too slowly. Check the site from a computer, phone and tablet to see how it loads as if you were the customer. A slow site will be lowered on search engines ranking since Google factors in loading speeds to their algorithm for search engine rankings.

With problems like these, it’s no wonder your potential customers are turned off.

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