Should you Use Facebook Comments on your WordPress Site?

If you want to add Facebook comments to your WordPress website, you will need to understand what this is all about. Some of the top websites out there use Facebook comments for WordPress. This is a great way to allow people to interact on your site. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Comments for WordPress

The most obvious benefit of using Facebook comments is the ability to create more visibility for your website. When somebody leaves a comment on your site, it will be shared on Facebook with their friends. This can create incredible traffic for your website.

Using Facebook comments will also allow you to take away the anonymity factor in your comments. This makes it less likely for somebody to leave a spammy comment because it will be tied to their Facebook profile.

Even with the benefits, there are a few disadvantages. When you use Facebook comments, you may not end up with as many comments. Some people may not want their comment to show up no Facebook because it won’t be anonymous.

Since Facebook comments remove the WordPress comments system, you won’t have it anymore. This means that older posts with WordPress comments won’t have comments anymore.

How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress

Facebook Comments

The first step to use Facebook Comments is to download the plugin and install it on your website. After the plugin has been activated, go to Settings>>Facebook Comments to adjust the settings.

Facebook Comment Settings

Once you have arrived at this page, you will need to enter the ID from the Facebook App you will need to create. If you already have one for your site, just enter the ID and you will be all set. If not, you can visit the Facebook Apps page to create your new app and get an ID.

Add New App

Add New App 2

Once you enter the App ID and click the “Save Changes” button, you are all set. Now you can use the short codes listed at the bottom of the page to insert the comment boxes and do many other things.

FB Shortcodes

The Facebook comments will take over the WordPress comments. You can adjust some of the other settings, as well.

Now you can use Facebook comments on your WordPress website very easily. This will add visibility to your website and make commenting easier for Facebook users.

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