Get More Traffic with These 7 WordPress Plugins

When it comes to success with WordPress, there is no better way to attain it than with the plugins that WordPress provides its users. You can choose from free plugins or paid plugins, depending on your needs, which allows you to more easily handle your website and its abilities. For most people, getting more traffic is a top priority while utilizing WordPress and you can increase your traffic with the help of specific plugins.

While traffic is sometimes just based on your ability to provide great content, market yourself on social media, and to improve your SEO, you can also improve your chances with a few of WordPress’s great plugins. Take a look at the seven plugins that will help you with your traffic to your WordPress website more than anything else.

Floating Social Bar


A great plugin to start with is the Floating Social Bar plugin. This WordPress plugin is the perfect way to provide and easy way for guests to share your WordPress posts more easily on all of their favorite social media platforms. When a user can read a great blog post and then easily share it on Facebook with their friends, you are now going to reach all of their Facebook friends just because you had a share option under the post.

Use the Floating Social Bar plugin to make sure your guests can easily share your website with their friends on social media. Just put it at the end of your post and you’ll find this plugin is much better than other social sharing buttons that unwanted social networks on your site which in turn slows it down.

Yoast SEO


Try the Yoast SEO plugin on WordPress for the best SEO plugin option on the platform. It has the most comprehensive toolset for making your website great and you’ll find that your site is also optimized for social media too. You’ll be able to add things like meta tags and breadcrumbs navigation using this plugin.

Instant Articles for WordPress


Check out the plugin called “Instant Articles for WP” for your WordPress site. Since Facebook’s Instant Articles began, WordPress added this plugin to help you setup your site for Facebook’s Instant Articles. These types of articles are clicked on and shared on Facebook more often since the page load speed is so fast. This is a super easy way to get more traffic to your website which means your Facebook page is getting more traffic and in turn, your WordPress site will too.

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded


One of the most obvious ways to improve traffic is when your users start utilizing your comments section. Having user engagement will improve your traffic as other users comment to one another and then all of these users are subscribed to the comments to return for more activity.

Get the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin for your WordPress site and your users will be able to subscribe to comments on your articles. It’s easier than ever when users have email notifications for new comments on posts that they’ve subscribed to.



Use OptinMonster if you are worried about users remembering to revisit your site. This is a simple way to get your users to become email subscribers. Rather than being just visitors, they will now become email subscribers. Use OptinMonster and you may find you increase your email subscribers by a few hundred percent!

Revive Old Posts


Sometimes you get so busy creating new content that you forget you have some great old posts that would be worth revisiting. Rather than constantly creating new blog posts that get shared once and forgotten, use the Revive Old Posts plugin to help you automatically share old posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

WP To Buffer


Do you like to do all of your writing on the weekends but you like to share it throughout the week? Use the WP to Buffer plugin to more easily schedule updates for your social media pages. This plugin makes it easy to add your posts from WordPress to the Buffer queue.

Having this automated makes it one less thing to worry about this week since it will share your posts on social media for you. That way the plugin can share your posts at a time that your target audience is most likely to be online.

These seven WordPress plugins are the best ones to make sure your site improves its traffic. Start incorporating them into your website and you may find your traffic increases without much extra effort!

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