Debunk These Hosting Myths Before Buying Hosting

Hosting MythsIf you’ve been wondering about some of the hosting myths you’ve heard and whether or not to believe them, there are some common misconceptions when it comes to hosting that you will want to understand before you make the purchase. When you first shop for hosting, you’ll see flashy offers and amazing features being offered but in some cases, it may not be what you thought it was.

Sorting through the features that each provider offers can be overwhelming and frustrating. Rather than letting the great providers get lost in the shuffle, it’s a good idea to start understanding the hosting myths before you choose who to work with. From thinking a free host is the best way to go to thinking any hosting provider will do, here is a look at these myths and more that could end up with you using a bad hosting service.

Any hosting provider will work just fine

It may seem that there is no real difference between hosting providers and that anyone will do just fine. In reality, you need to be very thorough before you choose a provider. They will not all be the same which will reflect poorly on you when your site is slow or unreliable to your visitors.

You wouldn’t pick just any pair of shoes or just any home builder, so don’t rely on just any hosting provider. You’ll need to look at the reviews and experience of any potential hosts to see who meets the expectations when it comes to:

  • Server reliability
  • Price
  • A site’s response speed
  • The number of allowed domains
  • The services offered after the sale

You want a host that keeps your visitors happy by guaranteeing at least a 99.9% uptime rate because visitors that can’t access your site may never try again. Don’t choose anyone that is known for having a slow site response speed because your visitors won’t wait around for long when a site is slow.

Watch for inflated pricing by comparing multiple hosts and check to see if they are going to offer you support and educational services after the sale showing that customer service doesn’t end after you’ve signed up. Make sure you’ve considered how many domains they allow and determine if you will need more than one.

A free host is best while a cheap host won’t deliver

Free Hosting isn't GoodSome people believe that free hosting is the way to go because they are saving money and getting the same service as they would paying for it. It turns out that free hosting will be anything but professional which could affect your ability to serve your customers.

You’ll end up with a poor appearance, slow load times, advertisements showing up on your site that the hosting provider is using to make their money off of you, and your site could shut down at any time which is dangerous for business owners.

On the other hand, you may think a cheap host won’t deliver but there are actually many hosts that offer affordable packages and offer everything you need. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get a great hosting company. You’ll get more advantages to a more expensive hosting provider but definitely choose an affordable one rather than a free one. ITX Design is a popular option for hosting needs as they will take care of you in order for you to take care of your clients.

You should be an expert in IT to host a website

IT ExpertYou may believe that you’ll have to be an IT expert in order to host your own website. You couldn’t possible do it without being skilled and knowledgeable in IT, right? On the contrary, you don’t have to be an IT pro to host your own website or online business. Hosting providers will offer user-friendly interfaces, easy-to-use controls, and other support features to help you through the process.

If you think you’ve found a great hosting provider and have found a few bad reviews, don’t give up so fast. A hosting provider with no bad reviews is probably hiding them while a legitimate, good provider is going to have the occasional upset customer. Look at the company’s values and service to determine if they are a trustworthy source.

Don’t believe these common myths when it comes to choosing your hosting service provider!

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