Which Blog Commenting Tools are Good and Which are Bad?

Knowing Which Blog Commenting Tools you can Use will Give you More Power in the SEO World
comment-man-toolsIf you are interested in building backlinks by using blog commenting tools, then you better understand which ones are out there and what they are all about. Some of these types of tools will actually do more damage than they will do good. However, some will help you rank higher and reach the goals you are after.

You just need to start by knowing what the different tools are and how they work. After you have a general idea of how things will work you can go ahead and choose which of the blog commenting tools is right for your website and what is going to get you to your goals faster.

The Different Blog Commenting Tools and Why they are Good or Bad
Automated Blog Commenting Tools

These are only going to waste your time. They may not hurt your site or ranking, but they are not going to help it either. There is a new version of WordPress, which is the platform of blogs that these tools use most, which will simply add a “nofollow” tag to any of the comments that are made automatically from one of these tools.

Manufacturing Backlinks

This is found with different software like SEOnuke and it will hurt your website. Google has gotten smart and if you create a large amount of fake blogs and link them all together or to your main site it will do more harm than it will good. Google is now putting more weight on quality backlinks over the quantity.

Stolen or Hacked Links

Some services will tell you they can get your links on thousands of blogs by hacking into the wordpress or CMS system that is used by these blogs and inserting your links. Out of all the BAD blog commenting tools this is the worst because it is actually illegal and you can get in a lot of trouble for using a service like this.

Putting up 10-20 comments with links every day

If you go and comment on 10-20 blogs a day and add your link, then you are doing quite a bit of good for your website. This is a great way to gain some backlinks in a natural way and boost your search engine ranking. It does not take long and a great way to find good blogs to comment on is to see what the top ranking sites for your keyword phrase have for backlinks.

Guest Blogging

If you can write decent content or can have someone write decent content for you, then you can use guest blogging to build quality backlinks. This is by far one of the best blog commenting tools and will help your site quite a bit. Plus you can gain extra traffic from the guest blogging posts.

Two of the Blog Commenting Tools that Are Good and Fast
One great way to get all your daily blog comments done without having to do them yourself is to hire someone to do them for you. This can be done for very cheap and save you quite a bit of time. There are sites that cater to the freelance community and you can find someone that will do your blog commenting every day for very cheap.

Another one of the better blog commenting tools is to use a service that can provide you with the links you need. Usually they will use software that has not been released to the general public to get you a specific number of comment links every single day. This is one of the most popular of the blog commenting tools and is not that expensive.

comments5 Blog Commenting Tips to Make sure You Build the Best Possible Backlinks

Blog Commenting Tips that Can Help you With Your SEO
When discussing the different blog commenting tips that are out there you must start by explaining what blog comments are and why they are used for SEO or search engine optimization. Basically this is a very easy way to build up a quantity of backlinks to your website and it is nearly as easy as it sounds.

You will be going to different blogs and commenting on their posts. Most blogs that allow comments will also allow you to put a link back to your site in the comment. Sometimes this is your name linked back and other times it is an actual phrase you get to choose. Either way it is a link to your site.

The purpose of these links it to build power in the search engines and get more optimization for your website. This will give you a higher ranking for your keyword phrases in the search engines. You can find many different blog commenting tips out there and many of them are a bit outdated, but here are 5 that you can start using today.

The Top 5 Blog Commenting Tips you can Start Using Today
1. Do not spam

This is probably the most important of the blog commenting tips and when you decide to create one short and general comment for every blog you are basically spamming the blogs. This is a great way to get blacklisted from the blogs and get your comments along with your links removed. There are better ways to get backlinks than using spam.

2. Make good comments

Nobody that owns a blog appreciates the comments that are short and something like, “I love your blog and I learned so much from this post”. This might as well be spam and most of the time it will not get approved if the comments are moderated. If they are not, then you are in luck, at least for the time being.

3. Do the commenting yourself if you are on a budget

If you are just starting out and you do not have much money to spend you can build your backlinks with blog commenting yourself. It is a very easy thing to do and you can easily do 10-20 a day in about an hour of time. You will want to first get a large list of blogs and just choose a few from it every day to comment on.

4. Hire someone else or a service

Another one of the great blog commenting tips is to hire a service or an individual to do your commenting for you. You can use a site called odesk.com to find someone that will do this job for a few dollars an hour. This is a great way to get all your daily links and free up your own time for other projects.

You can also find services that will do your commenting for you and they are usually very cheap. However, be aware that they might not build your links very naturally and it could hurt your search engine ranking at first.

5. Get software that automatically does you blog commenting

There is some sophisticated software that you can pay for that will get you plenty of backlinks from blog commenting if you want. The best part is many of the software will allow you to set a maximum number per day. They will also allow you to write spinnable comments so that every comment is different.

Two Bonus Blog Commenting Tips for The Beginnerbonus-blog
Bonus Tip #1 – Do your linking yourself at first

Even if you can afford to hire a service or someone to do your commenting, when you are new you want to start by doing it yourself. This is a great way to make sure you understand the process and how it will affect your website. Keep track of how many links you have and how many are indexed for about a month. This will help you to understand what blog comments can do for your website.

Bonus Tip #2 – Be consistent with your commenting

If there ever was a tip that could be made general for new marketers it is this one. Many will start a project and they quit too soon. Make sure you do not do this and be very consistent with your blog commenting efforts. This is the only way you are going to be able to build up your backlinks and get the ranking you are after.

Now you have a total of 7 blog commenting tips that you can go out and use today in order to boost your website ranking. You should start by putting together a plan of action and following it. Make sure you reference all these blog commenting tips whenever you need them and stay on track with your efforts.

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