The Ideal Blog Comment Length

Getting comments on your blog is always a good sign–your readers are engaged enough to contribute to the discussion and add their two cents. This means you’re on the right track! But some topics can encourage people to get really passionate and write long comments on your blog.

Those long comments make it harder to see other comments and make your web page unnecessarily long. Plus, spam bots often generate long, meaningless comments that take away from the legitimacy of your website.

Why Does Comment Length Matter?

The most helpful comments are at least 60 characters long, but less than 5,000 characters. Longer comments are either on a rant or complaining about something not relevant to the original post. That’s not beneficial to your business, and the matter is probably better handled through customer service if it has to do with your business.

Shorter comments are generally spam and aren’t relevant to your business or brand. They could include harmful links that your legitimate visitors could fall victim to.

When you limit the length of the comment in WordPress, you can keep extraordinarily long or short comments off your posts.

A Plugin That Does It For You

Comment Plugin SettingsIt’s possible to limit the minimum and maximum length of comments in WordPress within the code. However, if you don’t know how to do it, there’s a plugin to help you.

The Control Comment Length Plugin keeps comments at the right length for your blog. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you can access it from the Settings > Control Comment Length menu.

The control comment length plugin has a German interface with English capabilities. You can set the minimum and the maximum characters allowed within this area. The recommended length range is 60 to 5,000 characters.

Within this area, you will also be able to add a custom usage message that pops up when comments are too long or too short:

  • “Comment too short. Please write at least 60 characters”
  • “Comment too long. Please keep it to 5,000 or less characters”

This is the simplest way to limit the characters of WordPress comments without editing the code yourself. Not only will this help to keep the rants and complaints away, but it can also help to eliminate spam comments on your website and keep you looking legitimate.

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