Can Backlink Building Services Really Help Your Website?


Hiring backlink building services may be vital to the progress of your business, but you do have to do your due diligence in choosing the right one. Not all services are reputable and using the wrong service could result in your website being banned by the search engines.

That being said, the process of building backlinks is, at best, a trying and long process to undertake, so it is quite reasonable for a webmaster to seek the assistance of a back link service to perform the task, but only if the service actually performs a service that benefits the business in the long run.

The concept of a backlink is a link on other sites on the Internet that leads back to your site, and the power of these links lies in the relevance of the connecting site to the other, and in the authority and high page rank of the site that hosts the link. As a result of the high PR, authority and the relevance of the site that hosts the link, the search engines will validate the link and bestow higher ranking in the search engine to the receiving site.

Linking – On Page and Off Page

There are two types of links that should be created for your business – on page and off page links. These are the sources of your connections with people and the search engines that follow the links to help build your online visibility, if you provide valuable content that is compelling and useful.

The search engines utilize the properties of the links the use of the anchor text and the keywords contained, to determine the relevance of the links to your website, and uses its findings to determine the website’s ranking in the search engine results pages.

Hiring a reputable backlink service that will provide the right linking structures for your business is vital for you to see any measurable improvement in your site’s search engine ranking. A service that does a poor job would only hurts your site’s ranking but wastes your money in the process.

Relevant Comments

A reputable service will ensure that comments made on blogs for the purpose of creating backlinks for your business are done only on blogs that are relevant to your business, and they will make sure that approval is received for those comments. The service would also seek out guest posting opportunities, and will also create blogroll links for your website, again on relevant sites of high authority and high page ranking.

The use of comments on blogs that are generic or not relevant will be a wasted effort. In many cases, the comment will be caught up in a spam filter, such as Akismet, and then manually removed as spam by moderators of those sites.

Reporting Results

A good sign that a backlink building service is reputable is their production of SEO reports that show both the search engine ranking before the backlink building campaign started and the results after the campaign was started. Any increase in the targeted traffic and page rank should be obvious from comparisons of the two reports. Any absence of such reports from a service, or any reluctance to provide them should be a good sign that you should not do business with them. If they cannot prove the effectiveness of their campaign strategies, then there is no point in hiring their services.

Whether you decide to hire backlink building services or not, the need for backlinks for your business is unquestionable and indispensable for increasing your website’s ranking in the search engine results pages. But it is important to understand that the quality of the backlinks attained is far more important than the quantity of the backlinks. In addition to that, it should also be remembered that providing valuable, compelling, and useful content on your website is the way to achieve quality back links to your website.

Starting a Link Building Campaign and Achieving Success

The link building process involves getting a link to your website from quality websites and blogs. Having these links (also referred to as backlinks) from other sites point to your website will help your site get better rankings in the search engines.

However not all links are equally good and what follows will show the way to get quality links for a successful link building campaign. Obtaining backlinks to your website increases your site’s popularity and credibility, and the search engines will index and rank a site based on the quality of the backlinks obtained and their relevance.

Getting these links provides a business with more targeted traffic, increased sales as well as a higher search engine ranking and a better ROI.

Writing articles should be part of the link building campaign. Once written, these articles should be submitted to the best article directories online such as Goarticles and EzineArticles and others of high PR ranking. As with all links you use, be certain to utilize the keywords you are optimizing your website for as the anchor text on your links.

Also, you should vary the text used and use a variety of keywords in different links. As a result you will receive high quality dofollow, one way links back to your website and the search engines will be able to rank many of your keywords higher in the results page.


Participating in the social networking and the social book marking sites is vitally important for any business these days in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Taking the link building to these media involves a very different technique from the traditional techniques that are generally used.

Here the webmaster will first have to determine which of these platforms his targeted visitors frequent.

Having isolated these, he should next join those communities and engage in the conversations they are having, offering his expert knowledge in the conversations to the point where they will develop trust and confidence in him.

After trust has been developed in this way, a webmaster will be able to softly entice his community of targeted customers to his website using links with keyword anchor text. Other webmasters who recognize the quality in the website will be encouraged to link to the site in order to share its content with their readers.

Participating in forums in your niche and providing signatures with keyword anchor text link back to your website is a tried and true method to get a backlink to your site. When writing in forums, provide helpful advice and information to demonstrate your expertise in your niche.

Visitors to the forum will begin to develop a trust and confidence in you and will be encouraged to get more information. This will lead them to follow the link to your website. This is an SEO technique that will create very powerful and permanent backlinks for your website.

Commenting on blogs in your niche is yet another way to obtain backlinks to your site. Seek out those blogs that have a high PR ranking and leave a useful and thought provoking comment with a link back to your site.

These blogs are to be treated with respect and should never be spammed. Making use of blogs in this way is a critical part of any link building campaign.

Several practices that you should avoid altogether in your link building campaign, and these include link indexing websites, link farms, blacklisted or banned websites. When creating backlinks, the approach should be to create them slowly and naturally.

Do not drastically increase the number of your backlinks as that would instantly tip off the search engines which will ban your site from the search engines indexes.

Following these tips in your link building campaign will create powerful and natural backlinks to your website. Over time these links will increase and produce increased ranking in the SERPS, also in the pagerank of the website, increased traffic and increased revenue.

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