What should you Know about Effective Google+ Marketing in 2015?

Google+Google+ is becoming an important market for businesses to take seriously when it comes to marketing their company. It’s not to be taken lightly for sharing humorous links or pictures; rather, Google+ is a huge marketing tool that you should be using in 2015.

Industry experts and business owners are recognizing the tool as a way to connect to audiences in a professional way. Similar to the professional networking site LinkedIn, Google+ offers tools to categorize your connections, it works as a traffic generation tool and you’ll gain a loyal following if you use it right. Here are some rules to follow to have effective marketing using Google+ now.

Commenting & Engaging

Commenting is a great way to show that you are looking at people’s posts and that you have something to say about them. Before you create your own posts, comment on others’ posts. Creating content that is original and organic is time-consuming and takes energy to be creative. Instead, show your audience you can grow by commenting on their posts. Since it’s hard to gain followers, save the time on creating original content to just build your relationships and that will drive traffic to your site.

SEO MarketingYou should also be engaging with communities. If you look for the most active and quality-driven communities and start engaging with them for about an hour a day, over time you can decrease that time to 15 minute sessions and you’ll appear as a frequent, reliable visitor.

Cut that time into different sessions throughout the day to show you are engaged and ready to build your following. The time investment at first will decrease after a while but you need to put the work in to build the bridge. Have common sense, be respectful, don’t promote yourself and don’t spam so that you can find success with this strategy.

Images are helpful

You may want to use large visuals because they work really well on Google+. They take up room on the feed which forces your user to take a peek at them. Make sure you also choose a great photo for your profile. It should be a friendly and professional profile picture that will make people want to contact and trust you.

Grouping, hangouts and social media

Google+ MarketingBe sure to use the feature that allows you to categorize users. Grouping your contacts into circles will make it easy to email specific contacts all at once with your content. Organize your contacts to Circles to maximize your audience target efforts and then be sure to join Hangouts. You can create Hangouts for your own webinars too.

Be sure to get your Google+ and Pinterest accounts synced up. Once you pin on Pinterest, you can share it on Google+ and that helps with bringing in large images again. If you share content, add commentary to engage users.

Use these tips when it comes to Google+ if you want to make it an effective marketing tool for your business.

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