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Which Rules Should you Follow in 2016 with Google+ Marketing?

With it being a new year and a time for change, it’s a great time to look at your marketing efforts for 2016. Google+ is a great method for focusing on this year as long as you know a few basic rules to follow while you do so. While some may use the social network for sharing funny pictures and videos, the site is primarily a place for marketers, business owners, and experts in various industries to connect and promote. It’s similar to LinkedIn in its professionalism but it’s underutilized by some even though it’s the perfect place to generate …

What should you Know about Effective Google+ Marketing in 2015?


Google+ is becoming an important market for businesses to take seriously when it comes to marketing their company. It’s not to be taken lightly for sharing humorous links or pictures; rather, Google+ is a huge marketing tool that you should be using in 2015. Industry experts and business owners are recognizing the tool as a way to connect to audiences in a professional way. Similar to the professional networking site LinkedIn, Google+ offers tools to categorize your connections, it works as a traffic generation tool and you’ll gain a loyal following if you use it right. Here are some rules …

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