Is a Blog Similar to Real Estate Property?

BlogHave you ever thought about the comparisons are between a blog and real estate property? A piece of web property compares to real estate property because they are both property that someone owns; it’s just easier to see one tangible property compared to one that is digital. A design and content created by a person or company is online property just like real estate is owned by a person.

A blog will value over time just like a piece of real estate would, but blogs gain value with the number of readers it reaches. Here is a look at how the two are similar and why it’s important to look at a blog as someone’s digital property.

When people dispute over internet property

It’s hard to distinguish the owner of online property unlike real estate which would have a deed in someone’s name. Online property should be pretty straightforward because when someone registers a domain name and pays hosting fees, they would own the site.

In reality, there have been court cases disputing over internet property because website ownership can sometimes be unclear. It’s important that when you own a website to establish and maintain ownership of the blog and social media pages tied to them.

DisputeOne court case, known as PhoneDog versus Kravitz, was an argument between an employer and someone in their company who created their social media accounts. The employee created the account and kept it after the employee was terminated but employee, Kravitz, argued that he created and built the social media pages claiming them as his own.

To avoid issues like this, you should appoint someone to maintain your pages after you’ve created the initial account that you own. Be careful not to tie an employee’s name to the social media page to avoid confusion if they leave the company.

Understanding your website’s value

Determining the value of your online property is hard to measure. Some of the top websites in the world have sold for millions of dollars. It’s hard to measure a regular website’s value other than that the domain name might be worth money. It’s complicated to measure the number of visitors that convert to customers.

You can increase the value of your blog depending on your personal goals. In real estate, the value of the home would be measured by the number of people that want to buy it. Measuring online property could be done by the number of visitors, your search engine ranking, the number of posts or the number of backlinks. Increase your blog value by increasing the traffic, get them to buy products or click on subscriptions that convert to a profit for you, increase your ranking on Google or by building backlinks.

Upgrade the blog

Real EstateJust like in real estate, it pays to upgrade regularly. While in real estate you should upgrade every 5 years to a more expensive home, you should upgrade your blog every 6 months. Check out your blog to see what is getting the most traffic and the ones that are getting the least should either be deleted or revamped.

Add something new to your blog just like you’d add something new, like an in-ground pool, to your real estate property to add value. If you needed to upgrade the size of your house for a growing family, how would that translate to online property? Perhaps you could add more writers to pump out more content or add a marketing specialist to help promote the site.

These are the ways in which your tangible real estate property is like your virtual, online property.

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