What do you Really Get with Unlimited Hosting?

unlimited-web-hostingThe unlimited hosting term gets thrown around like it’s something super special. Just about every hosting company offering shared hosting offers unlimited hosting. It’s a very common type of hosting and one you should understand, if you’re in the market for hosting.

Does Unlimited Really mean Unlimited?

It’s impossible to truly provide unlimited hosting. Even with all the resources in the world, there’s a cap, at some point. However, this is one of the most common types of hosting and it’s important to know the real meaning of unlimited, when used to describe hosting.

Unlimited really doesn’t mean unlimited. What this type of hosting means is that you will have more disk space and bandwidth than the hosting company expects you will ever use. However, there are instances when websites and blogs exceed the specific “hosting rules” that come along with an unlimited shared hosting package.

What are the Limitations with Unlimited Shared Hosting?

Yes, it sounds enticing because you feel like you will never have to worry about space or bandwidth again. However, shared unlimited hosting plans do come with limits because every server has limits. The goal of the hosting company is to keep the servers running smoothly, even when a website exceeds the rules set within an unlimited plan.

The limitations of an unlimited shared hosting account are very high. About 99% of personal websites and over 90% of business websites will never exceed the rules set by the hosting company when it comes to unlimited hosting.

What Happens when you Exceed the “Unlimited” Hosting Limitations?

Most hosting companies will give you a warning before they do anything to your account. When you exceed the unlimited hosting limitations, the server you and many other shared hosting accounts are on, may crash and cause downtime. If not, it could cause all other sites on the server to experience slower load times. This will typically warrant a warning from your hosting company asking that you upgrade to a VPS or dedicated hosting account.

When your website reaches this point, you probably need to upgrade anyway. You will have so much traffic coming to your sites that you will need your own set of resources. This is the only way to really make sure you get the most out of the hosting account used for your websites.

Is Unlimited Hosting a Bad Thing?

Unlimited shared hosting isn’t a bad thing at all. Most websites start with an unlimited shared hosting package. This type of hosting is very affordable and allows you to do more with your website than most limited hosting accounts.

When a company offers limited shared hosting accounts, it’s usually a sign they only have one or two servers. They may be limiting the space because they are a reseller of another company’s hosting or they simply don’t have the resources to offer unlimited hosting. If this is the case, you may want to find a different hosting company.

After choosing an unlimited hosting account, you won’t have to worry about what you upload. However, if the hosting company tells you that you only have 50GB of disk space, you may be concerned about how much space each image, video or page takes up. This can be a real hassle.

Choosing the Right Unlimited Web Hosting Company

Just as with any other type of hosting, the company makes a huge difference. If you open an unlimited website hosting account with a less than average hosting company, you won’t receive the same experience as you do with a top hosting company. The company really does make a difference.

Shared hosting with unlimited options, such as disk space, domain hosting, email accounts and bandwidth still requires a great company to back it up. In addition, you may want to find a company offering VPS and dedicated server hosting. If you reach the high level of traffic it takes to exceed the unlimited resources of the shared hosting account, it’s much easier to upgrade if the company offers other options.

At ITX Design, not only do we offer shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, but we also provide an award-winning support team ready to help answer all your questions. Our shared unlimited hosting starts as low as $4.95 per month and comes with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. If you’re ready to start your own website, choose one of our three shared hosting accounts and get started today.

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