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unlimitedPurchasing a web hosting account with limits was the norm years ago.  However, prices in hardware have dropped significantly over the years, which has allowed the best web hosting companies to pass on the savings to clients.  At ITX Design all of our plans include Unlimited Disk Space and Transfer.  Your web hosting plan is similar to leasing a small office space.  You never know when you might have an immediate need for expansion and by selecting an Unlimited Web Hosting Plan there are no growing pains.

As your site grows and visitors increase you can spend your time building your company or site instead of worrying about extra charges for disk space usage and transfer.

Here’s an example of the true savings that you receive with ITX Design (Warning: may get a little technical)

Bob owns a website and has a hosting plan for $10/month with 1GB of data transfer.  At the end of the month Bob has a total of 2000 visitors and he uses roughly 5GB in transfer.  This means Bob is over by 4GB of data transfer.  A typical host would then charge Bob $5 for each GB over or an additional $20.  That’s not bad, however we’ve seen bills from other hosts that go into the thousands for overages.  Imagine the cost if Bob’s site really succeeded and he had 50,000 visitors in a month!

Now take Beth who runs a similar site and has an ITX Design hosting plan for just $4.95/month.  She receives the same traffic, however since she’s on an unlimited hosting plan there are no additional fees.

No gimmicks or jokes.  It’s just the best hosting deal on the web!

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