Understanding Dedicated Server Management Before Upgrading

server-manMaybe you started with shared hosting, and then upgraded to a virtual private server, but it’s still not cutting it. As you grow, your hosting needs to grow, as well. The next step up is dedicated hosting, which requires dedicated server management.

What is Dedicated Server Management?

Defining this term is simple. When you pay for a server for your websites, blogs and other online entities, the management of that server is dedicated server management. It can be handled by your own staff or by the staff of a company, you pay for the dedicated server.

When you handle your own server management, it’s expensive. You must hire a staff of IT experts and pay their salaries. However, when you get a dedicated server from a hosting company and they provide the management, it’s included in the fee.

Things You Need to Provide Your Own Management

If you’ve decided to handle your server management, you need a few basic things, including out-of-band management, remote power control and rescue mode. If you don’t understand what these three things are, you will need to hire someone that does, learn how they work or trust the management of your server to an expert.

Out-of-Band management is an alternative way to get into your server if the primary network stops working. IT comes with many different names including, IPMO, iLO, KVM over IP and DRAC. There are different methods of delivery this type of management and different providers use different methods. Out-of-Band management is an essential part of dedicated server management, no matter which method you choose.

Remote power control is a way to turn off your server remotely. This allows you to reset the system, turn it on or turn it off from anywhere. Sometimes this is necessary to get your system going again. This is another essential part of managing any dedicated server and without it, you could end up with hours of downtime or more.

Rescue mode is another essential part of managing your server. This allows you to fix many of the common boot errors with remote access. You won’t need a rescue CD or anything else with rescue mode. Without it, you could end up with errors that take far too long to fix.

How to Avoid the Headaches of Managing a Dedicated Server

If managing your own server sounds like a headache or something you simply cannot handle, there’s a better way. Many companies, whether large or small, need the benefits of a dedicated server for website hosting. However, paying for an expert or learning how to manage the server could be more than you could or your budget can handle. When this is the case, you need an expert to help.

ITX Design provides dedicated server hosting with full management options. This allows you to do more with your hosting than trying to manage your own servers. With experienced experts taking care of all the technical issues, you can work on building your company through your website and blog. This makes it easier to concentrate on what you’re good at, while someone else takes care of the backend necessities.

Getting into the Right Dedicated Package

Choosing the right package for your dedicated server hosting is the next step. With the right type of hosting, you will be able to do far more than choosing a package without enough resources, security, support or the many other things you need. If you’ve already outgrown shared or VPS hosting, it might be time to move to a dedicated server.

ITX Design offers four specific packages with one perfect for nearly any budget. This allows you to mix and match or just choose one. The scalability will allow you to grow your hosting as your company grows. As you gain more traffic and need more bandwidth, it will be there waiting for you. The same goes for space and all the other necessary resources.

The right package, with the right support will provide the best way to make your company grow. Trust your hosting to the best in the business if you want to make sure you get the foundation you need for the online portion of your business.

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