Quad Core Dedicated Server

What are the Benefits of Quad-Core Dedicated Server Hosting?

quad-core-cpuWhen you get ready to move from VPS hosting to a dedicated server or you know you need dedicated hosting from the beginning, you need to know what’s really necessary. Every project is different and some will need more cores than others.

The Difference between Quad and Dual Core

Web hosting companies are referring to the type of processors provided when they speak about the “core”. Some offer a single quad-core processor, while others will give you two dual-core processors. Which one you need, depends on the server applications you need.

If you only need to run one web server or one database, you may not need a quad-core processor. It may be overkill to get a package with this type of processor. However, if you plant to run at least three CPU-intensive processes, a quad-core dedicated server may be very beneficial.

More is Better

It certainly won’t hurt for you to have a quad-core processor compared to a dual-core processor. If you don’t need it, you won’t suffer any negatives because you have it. More processing power is always a good thing and you never know when it might come in handy.

Whether you’re running a mail server, web server, application server or using the server for any other reason, a quad-core processor will provide faster speeds. This type of processor offers a larger cache and usually you get more memory with these dedicated server hosting packages.

When Quad-Core Dedicated Hosting is Most Beneficialquad-core-processor

High traffic sites need as much speed as they can possibly get. With quad-core dedicated server hosting, getting a large amount of hits to your website is possible without any downtime or slow load times. You won’t have to worry about the server getting bogged down during high traffic times.

Most websites don’t need this much processing power, however. Those without a large amount of traffic coming to their website will want to look more at the amount of bandwidth provided with each package instead of just the number of cores.

Why Choose Dedicated Server Hosting?

Before you start looking at whether you get quad-core or dual-core processors with you dedicated hosting, it’s important to known if you need this type of hosting. Dedicated hosting isn’t cheap. You want to make sure you need this type of hosting before upgrading.

Most websites and businesses needing dedicated server hosting either receive a large amount of traffic or need the ability to customize their security. Dedicated hosting provides the best possible security in the hosting world and provides the ability to process more traffic faster than shared or VPS hosting does.

The benefits of using dedicated hosting are numerous. You can run multiple applications at one time on a dedicated server without causing any kind of stress on the server. This type of hosting also comes with the highest speeds, highest performance and many other benefits.

Slow loading websites often see visitors leave quickly without spending much time on the site. This makes it harder to close the sale or get your visitors to take any type of action. If your website loads slowly, it may be time to move up the ladder to dedicated server hosting.

Upgrading to a Quad-Core Dedicated Server

quad-core-serverUpgrading your hosting may save your business. If you’ve seen an increase in traffic or you need added security, upgrading may be the way to solve the issue. A quad-core processor with your dedicated hosting package can allow you to get the best speed possible, in some situations.

Make sure to compare the different dedicated server packages before choosing the one that’s best for you. ITX Design provides four types of dedicated server hosting and they all provide different levels of resources. Choose the right package that fits your specific needs with two, four, eight or 12 cores and bandwidth ranging from 5,000 GB to 15,000 GB.

When you choose ITX Design for your dedicated hosting needs, you will get the best possible technical support, along with the most up-to-date technology. No longer will you have to worry about slow load times, security issues or running multiple processes at one time. Our dedicated servers can handle all your website needs.

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