Promote Your Brand with Rich Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly visual social network. Brands that rely on visuals to sell their product can do really well on the site, which has over 100 million active users–of which women make up 85%.

The problem that many brands experienced with Pinterest in the past was the challenge of getting users to leave Pinterest to visit their website. Most people use Pinterest to continually scroll through ideas and don’t often leave the site to get more details on one pin they liked. That’s why Pinterest created Rich Pins, special pins that include additional information right on the pin itself, no leaving Pinterest required.

Here are some examples of Rich Pins directly from Pinterest:


Now that you know what Rich Pins are, let’s talk about what they can be used for. Pinterest has created 6 different types of Rich Pins, and each one has a different function and product type.

App pins

App pins help you link your iOS app directly to your pins. These Rich Pins come with a Download Now button, so users can download your app without ever leaving Pinterest.

Recipe pins

Recipe pins include the entire recipe and cooking instructions, right under the pin itself. Users can find the full recipe they want right from Pinterest without ever leaving the site, and your blog or brand name is prominently featured on the Rich Pin in case users want to find more recipes from you.

Article pins

As a long-time writer, I can see the clear benefit of using article pins to drum up interest in an article and share it around with friends. Article pins include the headline, author, and story description so you can decide if you really want to read the article before you actually go and read it. Nifty, right?

Product pins

The ultimate Rich Pin, in my opinion, is the product pin. Without them, it’s hard to get customers to:

a) Find out who you are

b) Leave a website they know and trust to visit yours

c) Decide they want to buy your product

d) Actually buy your product

Product pins help eliminate all these issues. Since they’re on Pinterest, where your audience is already browsing, it’s easy for customers to find out who you are. And with Rich Pins, which include all that extra info and make it super simple to buy, your customer can then easily decide they want to buy your product and actually buy your product within seconds. All without leaving Pinterest!

Place pins

Restaurants, museums, coffee shops, music venues–if it’s a place, it works with place pins. These Rich Pins provide a map, address, and phone number of a location right on the pin, making it easier than ever for users to find your business or organization.

Movie pins

Movie pins include the cast, ratings, and starred reviews to help you figure out what flicks are worth seeing (and which ones aren’t).

Stay tuned this week for a how-to guide on setting up Rich Pins for your website! We’ll take you step-by-step through the process–adding meta tags to your website, using the Rich Pin Validator, and getting Pinterest to accept your Rich Pin application.

Happy pinning!


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