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How to Write Effective Job Descriptions

job descriptions

Ready to hire an employee? You need to craft a job description that clearly states what is expected of the role. Writing an effective job description will help you appeal to the right job candidates, set a parameter for compensation, accurately describe the job role, and set performance expectations. What should be in a job description? Summary Your focus should be on making your job description clear and concise. Most job descriptions start with a short summary of the position. In your summary, you might include: Tasks involved in the role Preferred methods for completing these tasks How the role …

Why Customer Service is the Most Effective Marketing Tool

When we think about marketing tools, chances are, customer service isn’t one of them. Instead, we’re thinking about web-based tools that are pretty complex at their core, but exist to make marketing our business easier. We don’t often picture customer service as a ‘tool,’ per se, but that’s exactly what it is. Webster defines tool as “a device or implement used to carry out a particular function.” Good customer service will help with several of your business’ marketing functions; removing sales barriers, connecting with customers, answering questions and solving problems, and most importantly, driving sales. So what defines good customer …

How Does Mobile Traffic Increase the Need for Responsive Web Design? [Infographic]

responsive web design

Responsive Web Design and Mobile Devices Mobile traffic now represents about 25% of all internet traffic. Smartphone and tablet sales beat computers by a ratio of more than 6:1. The trend is clear: Users access the internet through their phones and tablets more than they do through personal computers. The result is rocking the web design industry, because responsive, mobile-friendly websites are no longer an option, but a necessity. Don’t be unresponsive The way your website appears to visitors is an important part of the user experience. If your website is outdated, unresponsive, or just unsuited for mobile, you’re missing …

Promote Your Brand with Rich Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly visual social network. Brands that rely on visuals to sell their product can do really well on the site, which has over 100 million active users–of which women make up 85%. The problem that many brands experienced with Pinterest in the past was the challenge of getting users to leave Pinterest to visit their website. Most people use Pinterest to continually scroll through ideas and don’t often leave the site to get more details on one pin they liked. That’s why Pinterest created Rich Pins, special pins that include additional information right on the pin itself, …

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