Is it possible to Control Revisions in WordPress for Post Types?

With post revisions in WordPress, you can easily undo any changes, revert back to old drafts and restore your posts. However, having too many revisions can cause issues and can take up space. This can slow down your website and cause your performance to drop.

Disabling post revisions is quite easy. This can speed up your WordPress site and make it easy to save some of the space with your hosting company. Controlling the revisions is done with the right plugin. Here’s how it’s done.

Using the WP Revision Control Plugin

The WP Revisions Control Plugin for WordPress will allow you to make changes to how many revisions are saved on your WordPress site. Start by downloading, installing and activating the plugin.

Once activated, you can access the settings for the plugin within your WordPress dashboard by going to Settings>>Writing.

WP Revision Control Settings

From this menu, you can make the decision about how many revisions you want to be saved for each post type. The settings for the plugin are found at the bottom of the writing page and will include any custom posts types, along with posts and pages.

If you want all the revisions saved for a specific post type, just leave the field blank. This tells WordPress to keep all the revisions. After you choose the settings you prefer, you can click the “save changes” button and you will be all set.

It’s recommended to set the posts and pages at less than five revisions. Those using shared hosting or using a hosting account for multiple websites can use this plugin to save space and speed up all of the websites. Set the revisions to just one or two and you may notice a difference with your websites.

Using the WP Revision Control plugin for WordPress gives you more control than you have without it. This plugin provides plenty of benefit and it a necessity for most website using WordPress.

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