Which WordPress Plugins Benefit E-Commerce Sites the Most?

If you plan to build your e-commerce website with WordPress, it’s important to know which plugin are the best choices. Since WordPress has become one of the top all-around solutions for content management, it can easily be used for an e-commerce website. However, specific plugins will add to the functionality and the look of your site.

Of course, it takes more than WordPress and a few plugins to run a successful e-commerce website. You want to make sure your website stands out and with the right dynamic and interactive content, you can provide a better user experience. Here are some of the top WordPress plugins capable of helping you achieve success with your e-commerce website.


WooCommerce Plugin

Maybe the most popular plugin for an e-commerce website on WordPress, WooCommerce provides some of the best features. It comes with an easy-to-use admin interface, sidebar widget choices, ratings, reviews, incredible support and plenty more. This plugin is packed with features and provides just what any e-commerce website needs.

The plugin is free, but you may need to purchase some of the extensions to get everything you need. However, the WooCommerce plugin is quite customizable and you can use many of the free features, such as including tax and shipping, discount codes, inventory control and a customer account area. Some of the extensions will make it easier to do many things, but they may not fit for everybody.



It has been around for quite some time, but Jigoshop is still one of the top choices for an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This plugin provides plenty of control with shipping, tax and discount options built in. You can give customers their own account area for tracking and managing orders, as well.



The shopp plugin is the best choice for developers because it provides plenty of options. It comes with a secure shopping cart and allows you to manage your products easily. It’s one of the most SEO-friendly plugins on the market and designed to provide fast speeds.

WP e-Commerce/Get Shopped

WP eCommerce

This popular choice is used by many WordPress developers because it has so many features. It used to be called WP e-Commerce, but it has been changed to Get Shopped. However, many in the WordPress community still refer to the plugin as WP e-Commerce.

With the ability to control just about everything, this plugin is a very popular choice. You can offer drag-and-drop shopping, which users love and even allow customers to check out with a wide range of choices.



If you love extra features the eShop Plugin is perfect for you. It’s packed with features and allows you to use multiple payment gateways, shipping methods and tax options. You can create products in WordPress pages and posts with custom post types and even allow for downloadable products for your users.

There are many great e-commerce plugins you can use, but these are the best choices for WordPress. They are all a bit different and it’s wise to compare each plugin before choosing the right one for your specific needs.

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