Do you Understand the Value of Email Marketing?

Email MarketingSocial media may be one of the best ways to market right now, but email marketing is still one of the most effective. You can actually use social media to feed your email marketing, if set up correctly.

Some small businesses completely miss out on email marketing. There are several reasons why, but it’s simply not acceptable if you want to build your business. Here’s why email marketing is so valuable to any business with a website.

Easily put on Autopilot

If you set up your email marketing campaigns correctly, it’s a one-time thing. You can load scheduled emails to go out after so many days of a person signing up. This means, you can have a year or longer worth of emails ready to go out to your list. Once they are loaded into your system, you don’t have to do anything else.

More Exclusive

ExclusivePutting an offer out on social media or through another advertising channel puts it out to the entire world. However, with email marketing, you provide exclusivity, since it’s perceived as more of a private correspondence.

You can create exclusive offers only for those on your list, such as “email club” deals. This provides something more desirable as it’s something not everybody will get from you.

Proven to be Highly Effective

Email Marketing for BusinessThe real value of email marketing comes from the fact that it has been prove to be highly effective. When somebody asks to receive your newsletter and other emails from you, they want what you have. This means, when you email them, there’s a better chance of a conversion.

Many studies have shown that online businesses using email marketing receive higher daily revenues than businesses not using email marketing. This makes perfect sense and gives you the opportunity to boost your sales and revenue, just by setting up email campaigns.

If you don’t understand the real value of email marketing, you may be leaving as much as 20% of your revenue on the table every single day. Instead of losing money, invest in email marketing and start growing your company.

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