Low Cost Dedicated Hosting – The Advantages and Disadvantages

low-cost-signWhat is Low Cost Dedicated Hosting?
Most of the hosting that is dedicated is not low cost dedicated hosting. However, there are some hosting companies that will offer dedicated hosting for a very cheap price. Should you use one of these companies or should you avoid them and use a more expensive type of dedicated hosting? There are many things to consider before answering this question.

You need to look at what you are getting for your money. If you have ever used shared hosting and had to contact the support of your hosting company, then you know how much of a pain this can be. With dedicated hosting you have a larger need for support and you have to choose a company that is well-known for providing top notch support and service.

Another thing you have to consider is what type of company are you working with? Do they specialize in dedicated hosting or are they just offering it as an option? This is something to be concerned about because if they don’t have many other dedicated accounts, then they may not care all that much about yours. You simply need the best and they don’t always have low cost dedicated hosting.

The Advantages of Low Cost Dedicated Hosting
Compared to shared hosting there are many advantages of low cost dedicated hosting, but compared to the top dedicated hosting providers, there are very few. When you have shared hosting you have the lowest amount of security of any type of hosting except really bad free hosting accounts. This is not the case with low cost dedicated hosting as your security will be much more robust.

Since the server is dedicated all to you, there is no sharing of resources and no chance of being hacked into because another account on the server was hacked. Instead, you get better security, more speed, and all the resources for your own account and website. This is just a few of the advantages compared to shared hosting.

With a dedicated server, you can host as many domain names as you want and you can customize the control panel. You can also install custom security options and pretty much set up the server however you choose. Most of the time, you can even choose between managing the server yourself or having your hosting company manage it for you.

Dedicated hosting is known as one of the best types of hosting you can get, but if you go with low cost dedicated hosting is it going to give you everything you need? This all depends on the company, the size of the server, and the other resources you get with the server. It is a big step to pay $60 a month for a server, when other companies offer their smallest dedicated package at over twice the cost.

The Disadvantages of Low Cost Dedicated Hostingdedicated-servers-silver
There are a few distinct disadvantages when you choose dedicated hosting from a smaller company for a cheaper price. First, you may be renting a much smaller server than what you get from the larger companies. This is a problem if you need more space and for under $100 it will be hard to get a server that is very large.

Another issue you will run into is how much of the space on the smaller server you can actually use before it starts to slow down. Dedicated servers work much like your own computer and if you fill it up with too much stuff it will slow down. You don’t want this and if you choose a server that is too small it could be the problem you fight with constantly.

With low cost dedicated hosting you may only get 2 GB of space, which is not much space at all. In addition, you may not have the options and the speed you need compared to paying for a larger server from a better hosting company. This is not even the worst problem you may run into considering smaller hosting companies are usually not equipped to support you properly.

If you pay a higher price for a dedicated server you will, in most cases, get much more space, more bandwidth, and better security options. On top of that, you will get more professional support and service along with a managed server instead of having to figure it all out on your own.

Whenever you are shopping for hosting it is important to really see what you are getting for your money. Sometimes the cheaper option is not better than paying more money for something that is simply amazing compared to what you are considering. Make sure you look at both low cost dedicated hosting and higher cost dedicated hosting before you decide.

Low Cost VPS Hosting – Finding the Right Company for the Right Price

low-cost-cutting-serverLow Cost VPS Hosting for an Upgrade
Getting low cost VPS hosting is a very important upgrade from shared hosting. Most internet marketers, bloggers, and even small businesses start with shared hosting, but they don’t want to stay with this type of hosting forever. This is why getting VPS hosting as a good upgrade is a great way for a company or an individual to go.

VPS hosting will give you many of the same benefits of having a dedicated server without the high cost. You will no longer have to share a server in the “free for all” way. Instead, you get a partition of the sever that is blocked off for you and you only. This will help with speed and with security compared to shared hosting.

You are still going to be sharing a server, which means you still are vulnerable to security issues, but not nearly as much as shared hosting. Anytime you share a server there could be issues and this is why dedicated hosting is the best. However, with low cost VPS hosting you can get a great upgrade from shared hosting without spending a fortune.

How to Find Great Low Cost VPS Hosting
There are many companies that provide VPS hosting, but not all of them are inexpensive enough to give you the ability to get the hosting you need for the right price. However, you can find the right low cost VPS hosting for your needs if you look for a few specific things that are out there. Here are a few things to look into.

1. Specialty

Some companies specialize in blog hosting while others are best at providing dedicated hosting. Just like some companies provide great VPS hosting and others specialize not just in VPS hosting, but low cost VPS hosting. You need to find a company that spends more time developing their VPS hosting packages than anything else.

2. Price

Obviously if you are looking for low cost VPS hosting price is an issue. You need to look at the price each company offers because this will tell you if they are a low cost VPS hosting or not. If their packages start under $8 per month, then you probably have a low cost hosting company. Now you just need to make sure their hosting is great.

3. Reviews

Reading the reviews from customers about VPS hosting will help to tell you if it is all about price, or if there is something else that matters. Customers will tell you if they love the price, but the service is horrible and they will tell the truth most of the time. Do understand that customers are more likely to write a negative review than a positive review.

If you look at these three things along with the support and the reputation of the company you are considering for your low cost VPS hosting, then you will find a company with the right price and the right hosting for you. This will give you every benefit of VPS hosting instead of being stuck with shared hosting and the lack of speed and security it provides.

Why Upgrade to Low Cost VPS Hosting?
If you are getting more than a few hundred visitors every day to your websites or blogs, then VPS hosting will give you a faster load time. This will keep more of those visitors on your actual website or blog instead of bouncing over to your competitors. It will also give you more security and more resources that are actually yours to use.

There is no doubt that shared hosting is cheaper in the long run than VPS hosting. However, when you need to have the right type of hosting to help you out, it is necessary to get more than just shared hosting. You need to upgrade in order to give your websites or blogs a chance and low cost VPS hosting is a great choice.

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