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thirty-five-hosting-discountFinding the Best Hosting Discount For Your Website

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Hosting plays a vital role in any website, blog or other online project. Getting the best price without giving up the quality of your hosting matters. A hosting discount can certainly help you save money, but you must be careful.

Sometimes, companies offer an insane hosting discount to get you hooked in for a few years of their service. It can be as low as $1 per month. This can be dangerous, however.

When companies do this, they often skimp on the resources they will give you. Most of the biggest hosting discounts come with shared hosting packages, which offer an entry-level type of hosting for your website.

Be Careful of These Four Hosting Discount Ploys

There are four things you must be careful of when trying to get a discount on hosting. Yes, we all want to save money, but there’s no reason to give up value for a dollar or two per month. Here are a few things to watch out for whenever using discounted hosting.

Super Cheap Prices with Super Small Packages

Sometimes a company will offer a hosting discount, but only give you a very small amount of space. This might work for a small, personal site, but businesses often need more. When you go to upgrade, you will find out the next level package is three to five times as expensive as the discounted package you thought you were getting.

Overloaded Servers with Slow Load Times

When a company offers insane discounts on hosting, such as $2 per month or lower, you may end up on an overloaded server. This is dangerous if you plan to use search engine optimization or you just want your website to load quickly.

Overloaded servers lead to slow load times and cause all kinds of issues. You will rank lower in the search engine rankings and you will lose customers to your competition. There’s nothing more annoying than thinking you’ve found just what you want, clicking the link and finding out the site takes forever to load.

Lack of Support

Many of the cheapest hosting companies already struggle to offer great support. This becomes even worse when they offer hosting discounts. Some companies simply cannot handle the large volume of customers. This may slow down support and cause you to wait in line for hours to get answers to your questions.

Lack of Options

Discounted hosting may come at a cost, which could be fewer options. Sometimes the $1 or $2 per month discounted package only gives you the basics. You may miss out on options, such as hosting more than one domain name, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and other options.

Can Hosting Discounts be a Good Thing?

Not all hosting discounts are bad. Sometimes you can get a huge discount from a great company and they give you everything you would normally get at the regular price. Typically, they want you to pay for a year or two upfront, but with the right company, this isn’t a big deal.

Some of the times when hosting discounts are very good include:

  • Holiday Sales
  • Military Discounts
  • Ministry Discounts
  • Multiple Package Discounts
  • Special One-Day Sales
  • Affiliate Sales
  • And More!

The company will make most of the difference when it comes to hosting discounts. If they have a good reputation and provide quality hosting, you may want to take advantage of the discount when it’s offered.

Why Good Hosting Companies Offer Discounts?

Since the hosting industry is hugely competitive, sometimes good hosting companies offer hosting discounts to gain new customers. They know after you’ve used their hosting for a year, two years or even longer, you’re very likely to purchase another year or two at their regular price.

Good hosting companies may also offer discounts when a company or organization is aligned with their beliefs. This is commonly seen with ministry discounts, such as the Christian web hosting from ITX Design. This 35% discount is provided to Christian organizations specifically because their beliefs align with the company.

Whether you’re just looking to save a little cash or you thought you saw a great deal on hosting, it’s important to understand both the bad and the good of hosting discounts. If you’re unsure about a specific discount, just read a few reviews about the hosting company itself. This will open your eyes to the truth behind the discount.

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