How can you Make your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-Friendly WebsiteThat percentage is even higher when it comes to local searches.

If you run a local business or any type of business and you are using WordPress for your website, you need to know what to do to make it mobile-friendly. Here are some of the things you can do to make your WordPress website more mobile-friendly.

Choose the Right Hosting Service

Your hosting matters when it comes to your mobile-friendly website. You need to have the right hosting service to ensure any changes you make won’t be wasted. ITX Design offers plenty of great hosting options and they will all allow you to easily make your WordPress website mobile-friendly without any worries.

Choose the Right WordPress Theme

WordPress Mobile-Friendly ThemeNot every WordPress theme is mobile-friendly. Many free themes are not and even if they are, they may not load very fast on a mobile device. Make sure you get a theme that is mobile-friendly and will perform the way you need it to on any device.

Add the Right Plugins

With thousands of plugins to choose from, WordPress offers plenty of great choices for your website. However, if you add too many WordPress plugins to your site, it could become bogged down. Make sure the plugins you are adding don’t affect your performance and make sure you really need them.

Keep Images Optimized

Images can quickly slow down your load times on any device, but they will affect a mobile device even more. You can easily optimize your images with one of the many plugins created specifically for this task. Make sure you keep them optimized to get the most out of your mobile-friendly WordPress website.

Test your Site

Test Your SiteThe best way to be sure your site is mobile-friendly is to test it. You probably have a smartphone, so just visit your site as you would if you found it by searching on your phone. This will give you a great look at how your site performs on a mobile device.

It may take some effort to make your site mobile-friendly, but it will be well worth it. With so many people searching on mobile devices, it’s vital for businesses to take the right steps to create a mobile-friendly website.

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