Can you Add Tabbed Content to a WordPress Page or Post?

Adding tabbed content to your WordPress website can make it easier for your readers to find what they are looking for. This type of content can be very easy to search through and very convenient for readers. Here’s how you can go about adding tabbed content in WordPress.

Using the Tabs Shortcode and Widget Plugin for WordPress

Tabs Shorcode And Widget Plugin

Start by installing and activating the Tabs Shortcode and Widget Plugin for WordPress. Once this is done, you won’t need to change any settings or deal with any configuration. Instead, you will have an option within the post edit screen.

Tab Layout

Just click the “Tabs Layout” option within the dropdown menu for the “Toolbar Toggle” menu. This will give you the ability to add tabs to your post.

Now, you will get a popup page with options for your tabs. You can choose up to 10 tabs and you can choose to use either horizontal or vertical tabs.

Popup Menu For Tabs

You can add icons and set up the tabs however you please. Once you’re done editing the options, click the insert button and you will have a post with tabs.

Using the Widget

Along with the ability to add tabs to posts and pages, this plugin also gives you a tab widget. This widget allows you to add tabbed content to your sidebar.

OTW Widget

You can move this widget to any widget area you have on your WordPress website. Once you move it, you can select the tabs layout from the dropdown menu and click the “Add” button.

OTW Widget Options

Again, you will get the OTW Tabs Layout popup just like you will with a post. Set your option however you prefer and click the “Save” button.

This will add a tabbed section to your sidebar or other widget area. You will be able to preview it on your website once you’ve saved the options.

Now you can add tabs to pages, posts and to your widget areas within WordPress. This plugin makes it very easy to add to the user experience for your website and blog.

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