How can you Effectively get more Blog Traffic?

BloggingIt’s really important to have high traffic on your blog if you want to see success and growth. The more traffic your blog receives, the more profit your blog can make. If someone is struggling to make money from their blog, the first thing they would need to do is find ways to increase the web site’s traffic.

The traffic is the heartbeat of the blog, the source of income and the way your blog goes from small to well-known. The challenge is to target your traffic because that is how you sustain the traffic in the future rather than to just get clicks from people who will never return. If you are trying to get more blog traffic effectively, here are some tips on ways to build your blog and traffic.

Make your content undeniably great

The most obvious way to draw an audience to your blog is to write epic content. With the right message, idea or concept, if your blog’s content is amazing and gets shared by enough people, you could go viral. That is the dream of most bloggers, to write epic content that goes viral and the sales increase, mailing list subscriptions are off the charts and the revenue increases from advertising.

You can accomplish this with hard work by hitting on a topic that could go viral. Your content needs to be great and you need to have great skills when it comes to reach out. you don’t have to have a huge budget to launch your marketing campaign but you do need to have the skills to do it well. A viral post can happen for the little guy if you work hard and work smart.

The key to going viral is to:

  • Having an easily shareable blog post by adding social media plugins
  • Writing an engaging headline and easy-to-read article in a conversational tone
  • Using a call-to-action to share the content at the right time
  • Having a blog that loads fast so that people don’t go somewhere else
  • Writing about a trending topic
  • Writing about something that will influence your readers’ emotions
  • Having quality content that gives your readers a reason to want to share it

Writing about breaking news

Gaining Blog TrafficIf you find out about breaking news and get your post up faster than others, you are more likely to be shared around the internet which will create traffic. For a news reporter, the goal is to be the first on the scene, so a blogger needs to be the first to talk about it online. You’ll rank higher on Google for a limited time due to their algorithm for fresh components. Be sure to sign up with Google Alerts, Feedly and Newsmap to stay up to date on current events.

Events or speeches

One way that people are increasing their blog traffic is to speak somewhere or organizing an event. You can grow your blog traffic in person rather than solely online. Speak to a large audience in which everyone wants to hear more from you by following your blog. Events are great for getting the word out about your blog. You may need to sponsor an event to make this happen but however you do it, ask your audiences to visit your blog or follow you on social media.

Forum posting

Lastly, consider going old-school with forums. They’ve been around forever so it may seem out-of-date but actually, forums are a great way to drive traffic to your site. They get overlooked a lot since they seem to take too much effort to bring in positive results but if they are done right, the return can be awesome.

Blog MarketingForum members are usually friendly and receptive toward good, useful content so look for forums that are related to your niche. A blog for new moms would benefit well in forums for child care or stay-at-home moms. A fitness blog may benefit well from visiting forums on weight loss and getting healthy forms.

Try these ideas or go the Q&A route in which you can drive traffic to your site by answering popular questions on your blog. You could go to sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers in which people ask the general public for answers about a question. You could answer questions in your specialty and promote your blog for more details.

These are the most effective ways to get more blog traffic that is targeted enough to stand the test of time.

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