How can you Promote Old WordPress Blog Posts?

Increasing your website traffic can certainly be done through promoting old blogs posts. If you use WordPress, there are many ways you can use old, evergreen posts to generate new traffic.

Most of the time, you write a blog post, you share it and you move on as it dies in your archives. However, you put in time and maybe even money into the post, so why not get more out of it? Here are a few ways to promote your old WordPress blog posts for even more traffic.

Related Posts Plugins for Your Blog

Related Post Plugin

There are a number of good related posts plugins, which will help you showcase old posts below new posts on your blog. This is one of the easiest ways to promote old blog posts and get more traffic from them. A few of the top related posts plugins include MicroKid Related Posts, Outbrain and Yet Another Related Post Plugin.

Use Contextual Links in New Posts

InterlinkingWhenever you are writing a new post, you can link it to an old post that makes sense with the new post. This can be done with a keyword phrase that lines up with the topic of the old post. When you do this, not only will visitors potentially see the old post, but it also provides a better SEO structure for your overall website.

Use Old Posts in Comments

When you comment on another blog or respond to a comment on your own blog, you can link to an old article on the subject. This is a very easy way to answer a question from a user and get more traffic to your old post.

Share Old Posts on Social Media

Revive Old Post

It may seem like a time-consuming task, but sharing old posts on social media will help you get more views and more traffic. There is, of course, a plugin for this task, which is called Revive Old Post. This plugin will automatically share old posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to help you get the most exposure out of your WordPress posts.

There are many ways to make sure your old posts don’t die. If you provide evergreen content, you can use all of these methods, along with great SEO to ensure you gain the most exposure possible from every post on your WordPress blog.

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