5 Top Resources for Bloggers to Build a Business

When you are trying to build a business as a blogger, it’s important that you are utilizing all of the best resources at your disposal. With the world of influence marketing constantly changing and evolving, you need to stay current on the trends.

You can do this by keeping up with top influencers in your niche as well as those that are savvy about the current market for influencers. This is because they can help you keep up to speed on the latest trends and what could be of use for you professionally.

In order to stay competitive as a blogger, make sure you are aware of the latest news on the trends in social media and influencer marketing. Here are top 5 resources for this that bloggers will want to know about when building their business.

Blog and Podcast by Jonathan Milligan

Jonathan Milligan

If you haven’t seen the blog “Blogging Your Passion” by Jonathan Milligan, you’ll want to check that out. You’ll get to learn about how to improve your productivity and start a business from your blog which is perfect for the beginner or intermediate blogger that is starting a business.

Jonathan writes the blog and hosts guest entrepreneurs that share what they’ve done right and what they’ve done wrong. Check out the weekly blogger template for your productivity and listen to his advice on creating webinars, publishing ebooks, and more.

Bryan Harris Blog

Have you see the blog by Bryan Harris? This is a great way to get advice on getting out of your comfort zone. He offers online courses and webinars, like one on how to build an email list, and you’ll find great tools such as a template to building a custom landing page or marketing formulas. It’s great for any level of blogger that wants to build their email list quickly and marketing a blog into a business.

Blog and Newsletter by SITS Girls

SITS Girls

Regardless of your blogging level of experience, you’ll love learning from the SITS Girl website which teaches you everything from how to blog to how to monetize it. You’ll find regular posts about blogging education and they are the force behind the blogger community who offers sponsored post opportunities known as Massive Sway. You’ll love the free email training like a 5-day course on photography basics they put out recently.

Kirsten Oliphant’s Blog and Podcast on Createlf Writing

If you need to learn more about growing past your blog, earning money writing, and how to market, you’ll want to check out the blog, podcast, and monthly training offered by Createlf Writing. With her MFA in creative writing, she has great information on how to sell to people, tips for building an audience, and how to write quality ebooks to expand your blog. Any level of experience can find this useful.

Newsletter and Group on the Courage to Earn

Courage To Earn

Lastly, be sure to check out the newsletter by Brandi Riley, a successful blogger and owner of Mama Knows It All blog, who uses it to coach bloggers on how to make a living blogging. It’s a great way to learn how to pitch brands and build your professionalism if you’re a blogger that needs to earn more and build an influence. She’s very encouraging and honest on her advice. Check out her pitch ebook to boost your confidence and build your income.

When you blog as a business, you need to make sure you are doing everything you can to make it profitable. Use these resources to get the information and encouragement you need to take your blog to the next level.

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