Data Center Colocation

What is Data Center Colocation?

data-centerUnderstanding what data center colocation is, may provide the necessary solution for your hosting needs. This is a term used in the hosting industry for a data center that rents spaces for company servers and computing hardware.

Most colocation data centers provide the power, cooking, bandwidth, building and physical security needed for servers. The space a customer would lease in this type of center is usually done by the room, cabinet, rack or cage. Some colocation centers will even provide management services and support for those housing their servers in their facility.

In the past, colocation or colo data centers were used mainly by private businesses for disaster recovery. However, today these data centers have become every popular for cloud hosting providers and for some types of organizations.

Should You Choose a Colocation Data Center?

Businesses often decide to use a data center for their server housing needs because they don’t have the space or the personnel to handle this task themselves. It can be very expensive for a company to set up their own data center, which is why colocation center are so popular.

A company has to pay for the building, the staff, the maintenance and all the other expenses associated with a data center. This can become too expensive for many small to large companies. Instead, they choose to let another company take on the expenses, while they just lease the necessary space for their servers.

One of the disadvantages to using a colo data center is the travel cost you may accrue when the servers need to be handled manually. Unless you find a center offering these services for you, travel costs can add up quickly.

Do You own Your Servers?big-data-center

If you don’t currently own the servers you’re using for hosting, it may not make sense to purchase servers and use a colocation center. This is a large expense, and while you will own the servers, you will need to pay for the colocation data center on top of the initial cost for the servers.

However, if you already own up-to-date servers and you just want to move them from your facility to a colocation center, this may be a good idea. Many companies have moved into smaller spaces or used the extra space they eliminated from moving their data center to a colocation for other things. This is a good way to cut back expenses and put someone else in charge of paying for your data center.

Benefits of a Colo Data Center

Colocation centers come with a number of benefits for the right business including:

  • Full physical security with lockable cages, racks and cabinets
  • Power provided through AC and DC
  • Cooling
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support (with some colos)
  • Video surveillance and other physical security
  • Real-time Monitoring

Some of the types of companies most often choosing a colocation data center over creating their own data center include:

  • Web Commerce Companies
  • Large Enterprises needing Disaster Recovery
  • Telecommunications Companies
  • Large eCommerce Sites

Smaller companies often use either shared or VPS hosting, so a colocation isn’t necessary for their specific needs.

The Other Solution to Your Dedicated Server Needs

data-center-girlIf you don’t own your servers and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get servers, there’s another solutions. Dedicated server hosting provides an affordable way to get many of the benefits of owning your servers and using a colocation data center.

With dedicated server hosting, you won’t have to worry about the management of your own servers. The hosting company you choose will take care of all the monitoring, managing, maintenance and security of your server. You still gain all the benefits of a dedicated server without the high cost.

ITX Design provides dedicated hosting packages with four different choices. If you’re looking for the best hosting, without the high cost of investing in your own servers, a dedicated hosting package from ITX Design is the right solution for you.

Choose form four different packages competitively prices and less expensive than buying servers and renting space in a colocation data center. If you’re not ready to take on the high expense of servers and colocation fees, ITX Design provides a better solution for your business needs.


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