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dollar-hosting-manWhy Dollar Hosting isn’t Even Worth $1

Dollar hosting has become a popular trend for those looking to start a website for a very cheap price. Getting a website up and running requires a domain name and hosting. The expense of the domain is very cheap, but hosting can range anywhere from $1 a month up to hundreds of dollars, depending on the company and the package.

What is Dollar Hosting, Really?

Dollar hosting is shared hosting offered for $1 per month. This sounds very enticing because just about anybody on the planet can afford $1 a month. However, there are some issues with this type of hosting that must be discussed.

First, with dollar shared hosting, you don’t get much bandwidth or transfer. This is necessary for the traffic coming to your website and if you’re limit is low, once it’s gone, you’re site won’t work anymore. Quickly, your dollar hosting could turn into a more expensive package when you pay for more bandwidth.

Second, if you plan to build more than one or two domain names, most companies offering dollar hosting won’t give you this option. They provide some of the things you needs, but MySQL databases, FTP accounts, hosted domain names and many other options are severely limited.

Finally, the support from companies offering hosting at such a low cost isn’t worth your time. If you enjoy waiting for answers to your questions and large amounts of downtime, dollar hosting may be the right solution for you, however.

Cheap Hosting Equals Headaches

Have you ever had to call the support of a hosting company and ended up stuck on hold for what seemed like an eternity? What about emailing the company and hearing back from them three days later? These are the types of headache cheaper hosting companies provide.

There’s a reason why shared hosting packages from the best companies in the world are more expensive than $1. Providing excellent technical support is very important with any hosting company and the right people cost money. Dollar hosting doesn’t leave much profit for any hosting company and means they have to skimp in other areas, such as support.

The Truth About Dollar Hosting Support

dollar-hosting-man-twoSifting through the many reviews and complaints about companies offering dollar hosting will enlighten anybody to the catastrophe they are about to walk into with this type of hosting. Some former customers have stated that instead of fixing their issues, the company just terminated their account. This isn’t the proper way to handle a support ticket.

Other issues reported with these companies include:

  • Making is very difficult to cancel your account
  • Attempts to collect payments after you’ve canceled your account
  • Long wait times for account information after sign up
  • Daily downtime
  • Ignored support tickets

These are just a few of the many complaints found when searching for reviews about various dollar hosting companies. Even members of two of the top internet marketing forums have recommended other hosting companies over these types of companies.

Choosing a Better Hosting Company

Finding a company in the hosting industry that won’t have you pulling your hair out and popping headache medicine like Skittle’s doesn’t have to be difficult. The first step is throwing the price out the window and looking at the features and support.

Shared hosting is very cheap across the board with a range from about $1 per month to about $25 per month. Some of the more expensive packages provide features you may not need and the average website will only need to spend between $5 and $10 for hosting every month.

Once you get over trying to choose the cheapest hosting possible, you can look at what you’re really getting with a clear mind. Most companies offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is far better than just a 99% uptime guarantee. It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s huge when it comes to downtime.

Other features to look at are the amount of disk space and bandwidth you get. Most good hosting companies offer an unlimited package, which will cost more than just $1.

Of course, the best way to find a top hosting company is through customer reviews about their technical support. If a company provides excellent technical support through phone, live chat and email, they most likely provide great hosting. Make sure the support is offered 24/7, however.

If you want the best hosting possible with an experienced and award winning support team, ITX Design is the right choice for your shared hosting. You won’t find any dollar hosting from ITX Design, but you also won’t find any dollar support either.


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