Can you Really Use Freelance Workers to Run your Business Website?

Freelance WorkersJust about everything you need to run a successful business can be outsourced to freelance workers. With so many quality writers, designers, coders and other freelance workers, you don’t need to do much to run a successful business website.

The world has seen a huge shift in the way people work over the past decade. About 34% of the workers in the United States now fall into the freelance category, according to a Wall Street Journal study.

This provides plenty of great advantages for a business with a website. While you can outsource more tasks than just those of your website, online tasks are the easiest to outsource. Here’s a look at what you can outsource to freelance workers and how you can run a successful website for your business.

What do you Need?

Your new website is going to need a few things. Before you start outsourcing those things, it’s important to choose the right hosting and the right platform.

As far as hosting, ITX Design offers plenty of packages perfect for businesses of all sizes. We also offer WordPress free of charge with every package. This means, you get a professional hosting company with great 24/7 supports, along with the best platform for your business website.

CopywriterOnce you’re set up with hosting and you have WordPress installed, you need to start hiring your freelance workers. You will need:

  • A Web Designer/Programmer
  • A Graphic Designer
  • Content Writers – Copywriter, Blog writers, Press Release writers, etc.
  • SEO Firm
  • Social Media Freelancers
  • Virtual Assistant

Each of these freelance workers will handle a specific element of your business website.

The Freelance Team

Here’s a look at what everybody will do and why you need them.

Web Designer/Programmer

Your web designer/programmer will take care of the coding and the guts of your site. They will create or customize your WordPress theme, add the best plugins for your needs, change code to customize everything you need and make sure your site is secure. This person is very important at the beginning and will be the person you use for maintenance later on.

Graphic Designer

Sometimes, your web designer can also handle graphic design. However, if they cannot, you will need somebody to design all your images from your logo to your banners and anything else you need. Make sure you choose an expert in branding to ensure your site is consistent and represents your brand very well.


WritersWriters are the most important part of your team and you will need them on an ongoing basis. Some writers specialize in sales copy, while others are great for regular blogs posts and content you plan to use on other websites. You may also need somebody that specializing in writing press releases.

SEO Firm

The SEO firm you choose needs to have a proven track record and the ability to build your website to a top ranking naturally. You don’t want somebody promising you short-term success, while you watch your website become black listed a few months later.

Social Media Marketer

Social Media is very important and you need to stay active. However, this is a huge task. Hiring a social media marketing firm will allow you to do everything you need on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media sites. Sometimes, your SEO firm will handle this, but if they don’t, you will need to add this person to your team.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant allows you to be even more hands off with your website. They can communicate with the team, keep you updated and manage the entire project. This person can often fill in the gaps for your team, as well.

If you build a team of people you trust, you can run a very successful business website without doing much more than paying your team members. This is a strategy to use freelance workers to handle everything, which is very beneficial to many businesses.

Remote BusinessBy using freelance workers, you won’t have to hire full time employees. This means you won’t need to add such a large amount of overhead and salaries to your budget. Instead, you pay for the work that gets done and you don’t have to provide any benefits or even an office for your team to work in. This makes it an affordable way for a small business to appear larger and act larger with a professional website.

Those looking for a way to run a business remotely can use this strategy, along with a few other team members, to run an online business from anywhere. Some of the other freelance workers you may need include accountants, videographers, IT consultants, PR experts, a virtual receptionist and photographers. Add these individuals to your team and you can run your business from just about anywhere in the world!

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