Seven Necessary Tips for Your Small Business Website

When you use WordPress for your small business website you gain access to plenty of great tools. With the right tools and the right tips, you can really set yourself up for online success. Here are some of the necessary tips for your small business website.

Spell Check is your BEST Friend

Spell CheckYou will be doing quite a bit of blogging and you want to use spell check on ALL your content. Spell check is necessary when you edit your posts, pages and any other sections of content. There are plenty of mistakes you can easily make, but spell check will catch a good amount of them.

Always Back Up Your Website

Backing up your WordPress website is very important for your business. If something were to happen, you need a backup of all the content you have already created and all of the other information. The last thing you need is a hacker getting in and you don’t have an easy way to restore your site.

Schedule your Blog Posts

Schedule Blog PostsAs a small business owner, you will have plenty of things to do. Writing and posting blog posts is very important for your website. You want to make sure regular content is going up to boost your search engine optimization and keep your visitors happy.

Instead of feeling like you have to write every single day, sit down and write a handful of posts for your blog. Then, you can schedule each post to be published on a different day. You can even hire a writer to handle this for you.

Use Categories and Tags

Categories and tags give you more SEO power and make the navigation for your visitors even easier. These tools make your WordPress small business website work far easier and tags make the content very searchable. You should always choose a category for each post and use 2 to 5 tags.

Use Social Media Plugins

Social MediaThere are a number of different social media plugins you can use to get the most out of your WordPress website. You can use a plugin to display the buttons and you can use one to actually share posts automatically on your profiles. Both are very powerful and will help with your overall marketing and SEO.

Use Your Media Library

Your media library allows you to re-use images, video and sound. This will help you gain quick access to your files and can make things much easier. Getting to know this section of WordPress will help you in many ways.

Know and Assign User Roles

User RolesIf you plan to use authors, designers and a team for your site, you will need to know the user roles and assign different roles. You can set up administrator access or use roles, such as contributor, subscriber, author or editor. There are even plugins to add even more roles to your WordPress site.

These seven tips will make it easier for you to create and maintain a great small business website. With WordPress and the right plugins, you will have everything you need.

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