Can you Add a Private Messaging System to Your WordPress Website?

Have you thought about adding a private messaging system to your WordPress website? This can be very useful if you run a multi-author blog, question and answer site or a forum. Sending private message can certainly improve the overall experience for the user. Here’s how you can add this type of system to your WordPress site.

Using the Front End PM Plugin for WordPress

Front End PM Plugn

The Front End PM Plugin is the easiest way to add your private messaging system in WordPress. This plugin is very user-friendly and it won’t take long to get your system set up.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can access it by going to Front End PM>> Instructions in your WordPress Dashboard.

Access Front End PM

This page will allow you to set up the plugin. The instructions for setting it up are very easy to follow.

Instructions Page

Just copy and paste the shortcode into any page or post you want to use for private messaging or you can create a new page with the fields provides for private messaging.

You will also need to configure the settings of the plugins, which is done from Front End PM>>Settings. This page will give you many options and you just need to set the parameters that fit best with your website.

Configuration Page

Make sure you set the number of messages stores and use this page to control which users are allowed to message each other. You can block users, if necessary, as well.

It’s also important to set the minimum capability level, for those allowed to receive and send messages.

Once you have configured the plugin, you will be all set. Users will be allowed to opt-out of receiving messages if they want to. However, by adding a private messaging system to your WordPress website, you will be providing a better user experience and many will enjoy it.

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