Benefits of Cloud Computing

cloud-hostingTen Major Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the newer types of technology used online for websites, blogs and other projects. It has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years and provides a number of great benefits. Some of the benefits are advertised, while others you will only discover by experiencing the difference.

Making a solid business case for using cloud computing isn’t difficult with the many benefits. Here are a few of the most common and a few of the less advertised cloud computing benefits.

Cost Reduction

The most common benefit discussed when it comes to cloud computing has to do with the money spend. We always notice how much is coming out of our pocket before we notice anything else.

Companies using cloud computing gain a cost reducing type of technology with minimal upfront cost. Many of the packages available use a “pay as you go” structure, which makes it easy to work into your budget.


Since cloud computing is based on a “pay as you go” structure, it’s very scalable. You can start with just a small amount and build your package as you need more resources. This makes cloud computing one of the most beneficial choices for new companies and smaller companies.


Cloud computing is also known as a very accessible option. This type of technology can be accessed from anywhere in the world, at any time, as long as you can connect to the internet. This makes it perfect for somebody traveling for work or a business with multiple locations spread across the world.


The need for extensive training isn’t found with cloud computing. One of the benefits many companies really enjoy about this type of technology is how easy it is to implement to their employees. Fewer people are needed to do the same amount of work on a cloud and the learning curve is very short.

Globalized Work Force at an Affordable Price

Connecting everybody within your company can be very difficult. However, with cloud computing, this becomes a very easy process. As long as there’s an internet connection, you can connect everybody necessary on the cloud.


Many companies don’t hear about this benefit of cloud computing, but instead experience it as soon as they implement the technology. Whether you need to connect a number of freelancers, employees, clients or anybody else, the cloud allows you to the flexibility to do so. You can assign specific access levels and get new configurations running in minutes instead of days.


Since cloud computing provides an easy way for many people to use the same type of system, those implementing this technology gain access to formulas, interfaces and processes they can duplicate. This includes a number of well-tested choices with proven results from proven businesses.

A New Revenue Stream

When companies start to use cloud computing, they often realize they can provide this as a service to their clients, as well. This makes it possible to create a new stream of revenue from selling space on their cloud.

Better Executive Suite

After implementing cloud computing, companies often realize the benefit of providing more time to their IT staff and executives. They will no longer have to handle the routine maintenance that eats up about 75% of the tech budget for most companies. Cloud computing will free up the time of your IT leader and allow them to concentrate on more important issues.

Acquisitions and Mergers Become Easier

For a company in the business of acquiring other businesses, cloud computing makes the process much smoother. It’s much easier to bring new records and data into your system and you will be able to eliminate the need for manual coding of important information from one system to another.

When one company decides to merge with another, using cloud computing can make the process far easier. Even government agencies find this process to be very hard to implement and time consuming. However, the process an easily be streamlined with the ability to use cloud computing for the merger.

These cloud computing benefits are very easy for any company to realize once they implement this technology. The first five are very common benefits and heavily advertised, while the final five benefits of cloud computing are not always realized until the system is in place.

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