Why is WordPress Best for Non-Tech Small Business Owners?

WordPress for Small BusinessIf you run a small business, but you lack the technical skills to really build your own website, WordPress may quickly become your best friend. Of course, you can hire a designer, but you will pay quite a bit of cash to keep your site running smoothly.

Those planning to manage the site themselves, will find WordPress very easy to use and perfect for the non-tech business owner. Here’s why WordPress is the right choice for small business owners without excellent technical skills.

Learn Curve is Small

WordPress User-FriendlyYes, it will take a little bit of time to really learn WordPress, but the learn curve isn’t very steep. You can easily install WordPress, watch a few tutorial videos and be off and running.

Most of the themes you can use for your website will be very easy to use and come with good documentation. Along with the themes, there’s a plugin to do just about anything you want, which eliminate the need to know how to code your own website.

Dashboard is very User-Friendly

WordPress Dashboard

When you log into your new WordPress website, you can easily create a new blog post, add images and promote your site from the dashboard. It’s very easy to use and after you have gotten used to it, you won’t have much trouble navigating the different sections.

Plenty of Themes and Plugins

One of the main reasons WordPress is such a great choice for the non-tech small business owner is the massive selection of plugins and themes. You can choose from both free and paid plugins and themes that will help you easily customize your website.

Huge Support Community

WordPress has a large number of users, which means there’s a huge support community ready to help you. It’s easy to get the answers you need and most can be found simply by searching the web.

SEO Ready

WordPress SEOMaybe the most important benefit for business owners is the SEO ready design of WordPress. All you really have to do is adjust your permalink setting and install a good SEO plugin and you’re all set. The rest is basically done for you. Choosing the right theme can also help, as some themes are designed for even better SEO.

Provides a Website and a Blog

One of the best ways to build your SEO and web traffic is by using a blog with your small business website. WordPress makes this easy by combining the ability to create static pages, along with the ability to post to a blog. With regular posting and sharing on social media, you can build more traffic, better SEO and your own community of followers.

Inexpensive to Get Started

Just about every good hosting company offers WordPress free of charge with a hosting account. At ITX Design, you get WordPress with any hosting package you choose. Whether you choose the cheapest shared package of a dedicated server, you will be able to use WordPress immediately without any additional charge.

If you are a non-tech small business owner, the right platform is necessary for your website. WordPress is the top choice and will give you an easy-to-use platform for your new website.

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