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Cloud Hosting Part 1:

There’s a lot of great momentum in the area of cloud computing or hosting. Personally I’m not a fan just yet. It’s definitely the way of the future, however it’s difficult to perfect unless you want to invest heavily in hardware. The basic concept behind “cloud” hosting or computing is the sharing of hardware. Let me explain it in two easy scenarios that will allow you to leave this page as a cloud expert.

Standard hosting and computing – We all have desktops, laptops, tablets. Out of the box these are not cloud devices. Each of them has their own hard drive, cpu, memory, and it’s physically in the device. You may have a standard laptop that contains:

4GB of Ram (Memory)

500GB HD (Hard Drive)

Quad Core CPU (Processor)

Your laptop is then allowed to use up to 100% of the resources above.  Your husband or wife may have a laptop a well but they don’t use your resources.  They’re all Dedicated to your laptop.  The downside to this is what happens when your computer starts running slow because you’re using 100% of your CPU?  Or what if you run out of disk space?  Your only options are to delete programs/data or go through what can be painful physical hardware upgrades.  This could include purchasing another hard drive to add or even worse having to upgrade the CPU’s.  Laptops are inexpensive enough that when this happens most people simply choose to purchase a more powerful computer.

So how does all of this differ from cloud hosting or cloud computing?

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