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Cloud Hosting Part 3:

Cloud hosting and cloud computing are definitely the way of the future.  Hardware is reducing in size and becoming so cost effective that desktops will most likely change as we know them.  Most people will probably use a traveling PC.  However, the traveling PC will differ from standard computers.  There won’t be a CPU or memory in the device.  Instead, shared computing locations will contain computer kiosks that house the monitor, mouse, keyboard, cpu, and memory.  You will simply plugin your device and the computer will instantly boot into your Operating System (Mac, Windows, Linux).

This will be especially convenient in colleges and other locations where people often share computers.  It would alleviate the risk of viruses or data loss caused by infected computers due to someone else’s irresponsible computer usage.  Additionally, an array of different people could use the same device but they would each experience their own customized experience based on their file system and applications.   This relates to cloud computing because the kiosk will have limited disk space that is partitioned for booting the system.  The user’s device will establish a network storage device connection so it can utilize the network storage as a local hard drive.

Once this becomes the standard you will be able to use your travel PC anywhere by connecting to a cloud storage device.  As long as you have your device or access information your files, data and applications will be at your fingertips.

Cloud Hosting will also be perfected.  The greatest weakness in cloud hosting is a single point of failure, however this risk is being reduced daily as we make advancements in technology.  Years ago virtual private servers were dreaded, however they’re now a stable/reliable solution.

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