30 Website Improvements You Can Make Today

30 website improvements you can make today

Could your website use some improvement?

If you’re not converting enough users, if people are exiting your site at a high rate, or if your web design is just outdated, it’s up to you to make the necessary changes.

Improving your website doesn’t have to be a massive overtaking that drags on for weeks. You can make some small but noticeable changes to your website today and enjoy the increased conversions your efforts will earn.

So, pull up a chair, get comfortable, and decide which of the following 30 website improvements you want to tackle today. Your customers will thank you by making more purchases and spending more time on your website.

30 Website Improvements You Can Make Today

  1. Increase the font size by 2 points for more easily legible text
  2. Clean & speed up your site by removing any widgets that aren’t necessary
  3. Make your contact information + phone number visible on every page
  4. Do a site-wide check for any broken links and remove them
  5. Open your highly-trafficked pages and add alt tags to the images there
  6. Add headers, bold, italics, and otherwise formatted text where there is none
  7. Say goodbye to pop ups if you’re currently using them – they annoy users
  8. Add a search function that is accessible from every page of your site
  9. Include your social networks with icons displayed in the header and footer
  10. Place links to your website’s privacy policy in the footer of every page
  11. Embed Google Maps in your contact page to show users where you are
  12. Sign up for live chat support to offer users an instant way to get answers
  13. Include your copyright notice at the bottom of each page
  14. Purchase the .net and .org domain extensions and redirect them to your site
  15. Create or rewrite your Frequently Asked Questions section for clarity
  16. Add a favicon to your website to show users your logo in their URL bar
  17. Use email addresses that are linked to your website – [email protected]
  18. Remove barriers to conversions by not requiring users to register
  19. Change your call to action text and measure the differences
  20. Create landing pages that are specific to the path users came from
  21. Think of a new free offer to advertise – free trial, an eBook, etc.
  22. Change any past-tense copy to present tense to encourage action
  23. Add user testimonials and recommendations to the sidebar of sparse pages
  24. Show a progress bar for anything that takes more than 2 steps
  25. Reduce the required info for signups – just first name + email
  26. Reconsider any stock photos – ask for outside opinions if unsure
  27. Create a category or page for your most popular services/products
  28. Add a video of someone using your product or service
  29. Give related product recommendations during checkout
  30. Always have a coupon or promo code easily visible on your site

These website improvements are easy to implement, take no more than 10 minutes each, and can have big results for your website. We encourage you to try some of these tips out and measure the success you have by doing so.

Do you have any additional website tips to share? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments section!

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