15 Excellent Ways to Drive Traffic to Your WordPress Website

Website TrafficHow do you improve your WordPress website traffic once and for all? Rather than staring at your website’s traffic stats, take the steps to guarantee yourself more traffic to your site. You’ll find that businesses and personal sites are equally obsessed with gaining the most exposure for traffic leads because it means more revenue and getting their name out there. When you’re obsessing over your website stats and wondering why traffic isn’t where you wanted it to be, take a look at the 15 ways you can drive up traffic and almost guarantee results.

Using social media

If you’re not on social media yet, it’s time to sign up! What started as a fun way for friends to connect to one another online has turned into a marketing must-have for businesses. Sign up for all of the major sites like Facebook and Twitter, start sharing your content with the masses, and engage with people on social media in order to gain or retain customers. It’s a great way to increase your audience and build relationships in order to gain customer loyalty.

Go old school

Just as you’re getting used to modern techniques of social media marketing, you should also be focusing on old school measures to reach your audience. Using the regular mail rather than email is a great way to reach your target audience.

You’ll find that people get overwhelmed with email and eventually stop reading it or unsubscribe themselves from mailings with too many messages. Promote yourself through the mail by reaching out to your target demographic. You could also start reaching out to your regular visitors with care packages in the mail to show your appreciation.

Speak at an event

Sometimes it’s hard to get your name out there until you do a public speaking gig. If you have an experience to share or knowledge about something to let people know about, a speaking gig can be a great way to make yourself known. Then when people hear about you, they’ll want to find out more at your website, blog, or social media account.

Guest blogging

Guest BloggingSometimes when people need a new spin on their website, they’ll bring in a guest blogger to drive traffic. It offers the blog a fresh take with someone else’s perspective and knowledge on the niche. It not only expands the audience for your blog, but readers of the guest bloggers’ will end up checking out your site in order to see their favorite writers work wherever it is.

Contribute to someone else’s site

On the other hand, you could reverse this theory and contribute to a well-known site as a guest blogger. Their readership will now get to see your work and if they like what they read, they will end up at your site to hear more about what you have to say. See if you can get in on a site like the Huffington Post or Forbes with great content.

Improve your SEO

Another great method of improving your traffic is to work on your SEO strategy. Sometimes instead of promoting a post or trying to come up with a new post, working on your SEO for your current work is more productive. Consider using your dashboard, clicking on the categories section, and filling out descriptions for the Category Descriptions. You may find yourself at the top of a search engine result for having the right keywords.

Repurpose content

Sometimes when you run into a creativity rut, you can’t figure out a great new thing to write about. This is a great time to repurpose your existing content into something better. Whether the information has updates or a news story has come out about the topic, or if you simply know more about the subject now, it could be a great time to enhance the posts you’ve previously offered.

A giveaway

GiveawayHave a little fun by offering a fun giveaway or running a contest right now. When you offer a product or service, you can award someone with a huge discount or free product for completing a call-to-action.

Other ideas

When you still haven’t found the right formula for what’s missing on your site, try a few other great ideas that may be the perfect recipe for changing your current traffic problem:

  • Run a 30-day challenge that will invite your readers to follow along on your journey
  • Start a website forum to open the conversation up
  • Creating videos with YouTube with a call-to-action
  • Visit Quora.com where people can ask questions to anyone that may have the answer, and provide your expertise in order to attract visitors to your website
  • Write an ebook, especially if you have a great deal of information that is too long for a blog post
  • Create t-shirts, keychains, pens, or mugs to promote your website
  • Ask your friends and family to tell their friends and family about your blog

Use these top 15 tips and you’ll find that your traffic will start to increase in one way or another!

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