What Unique Things can you do with WordPress Sticky Posts?

You may know that you can feature posts in WordPress by using the sticky post option. However, there’s more to sticky posts than just featuring a specific post on your website. Here are a few very interesting things you can do with sticky posts in WordPress.

Sticky Posts

Use Sticky Posts Just in One Category

Category Sticky Post

If you don’t want to use a post as a sticky post for your entire WordPress blog, you can use it as a sticky post in just the category. This is done with the plugin called Category Sticky Post. Once you download the plugin, you can simply install and activate it to get the category option for your sticky posts.

Category Sticky

Just select a category from the dropdown menu and you’re all set. Make sure you don’t check the “sticky” option under “visibility” or the post will be featured on your front page and not just in the category.

Create Sticky Posts that Expire

If you’re running a sale or have news you want to share, but you want to automatically allow the sticky post to expire, you can do so with the Expire Sticky Posts plugin. This plugin allows you to set an expiring date for a sticky post.

Expiring Sticky Post

Just select the date you want the post to expire and click the “ok” button.

Use Sticky Posts for Custom Post Types

Since WordPress only makes sticky post available for regular posts, you will need a plugin to use sticky posts on custom post types. You can easily install and activate the Sticky Custom Post Types Plugin and access it from the Settings>>Reading section of your dashboard. From here, you can enable the option to use sticky posts on any type of post.

A few other things you can do with sticky posts include:

  • Display the Latest Sticky Posts – This is done by adding code to the functions.php file.
  • Hide Sticky Posts from the WordPress Loop – Another cool trick you can do by changing the code of your WordPress site.
  • Add Style to Your Sticky Posts – Most themes will allow you to add style to the sticky posts, if you are skilled with coding.

Sticky posts can allow you to do many things other than just feature a post on the front page of your WordPress blog. You can do much more and these are just a few of the cool things you can do with sticky posts in WordPress.

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