Can You Change the Number of Posts Displaying on Your Blog Page in WordPress?

When you create a custom blog page it will show your most recent 10 posts, by default. You can make a few posts sticky posts, which will put those posts at the top of the page. However, you can also change the number of posts displaying on your blog page.

This is a pretty easy process and one of the easier things to do in WordPress. However, before we get into changing the number of posts, it’s important to understand what a higher or lower number may cause.

If you choose a number higher than the default display of 10 blog posts, you will make your blog page very long. This can make it hard for visitors to navigate your recent posts, especially if you post multiple times a day or week.

On the other hand, if you choose a number lower than the default display of 10 blog posts, you may find it doesn’t fill your blog page completely. Most bloggers don’t display the entire post on the blog page, but instead, they use a snippet from the post. This means you will need a large amount of posts to provide plenty of content on this specific page.

How to Change the Number of Blog Posts Displayed on Your Blog Page in WordPress

Changing the default number of blog posts displaying on your blog page in WordPress is very easy. Start by accessing the right section by going to Settings >> Reading. Here, you will see the following:

Blog Reading Settings

If you’re using a custom blog page, you will have the “A static page” option selected with the post page set to your custom blog page. However, if your WordPress site uses the home page as your blog page, you will have the “Your latest posts” option displayed. Either way, you can change the number of post and how much text displays with each with the reading settings.

Adjusting the number of blog posts that display on your blog page is very simple. Just change the number displayed next to “Blog pages show at most” and you will have made the adjustment.

Blog Pages Show At Most

You can also adjust the amount of text shown by using the “For each articles in a feed, show” option. This provides two options: Full text and Summary. If you want to show the entire post on your blog page, select full text. However, it’s recommended to select the “Summary” options.

For Each Article

After you’ve made your adjustments, just click the “Save Changes” button and you will be all set.

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