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linux-dedicated-serversLinux Dedicated Servers Provide a Top Hosting Choice

A Linux server is a great choice for your hosting needs. When you choose to host your website(s) on Linux dedicated servers, you are getting the best choice in the hosting world. These types of servers are preferred by more hosting companies to any other type of server, even Windows servers.

There are a few major reasons why Linux is the preferred operating system for dedicated servers including:

  • More Reliable
  • Open-Source OS
  • Huge Support Community
  • Better Security
  • Highly Customizable

Since Linux is an open-source operating system, it’s free to use and provides a huge community ready to help with support. There are a number of customizations that have come from this open-source choice. Along with the better operating system, Linux servers also provide more security options, better customization and a number of other benefits compared to Windows servers.

Are Most Hosting Servers Linux?

Yes. Most of the servers used by hosting companies today are Linux servers. They often use these types of servers for shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting options. Of course, out of these options, the dedicated hosting choice is the best.

Shared hosting, even with Linux, doesn’t provide you with the best possible security and flexibility. You can do quite a bit with shared website hosting, but even unlimited shared packages have a traffic limit.

Upgrading to VPS hosting is the next option and allows you to do more with the security and customization of your hosting account. However, you will still share the server with other accounts. VPS hosting is the bridge between shared and dedicated hosting because it’s more expensive than shared, but less than a dedicated server.

Dedicated hosting, especially with Linux, is by far the best hosting you can find today. Having access to all of the resources of your own server allows you to do more with your web projects than any other type of hosting. You can run large traffic sites without any issue on your own dedicated server.

What to Look for in a Linux Server for Hosting

The actual server is only one part of the equation. There’s more to great dedicated hosting than just the server. As long as the server you choose has Linux as the operating system and provides up-to-date technology, you don’t need to worry about the actual server much.

As you start your search for good Linux dedicated servers, you will want to look at the company providing you with hosting very closely. The company and the support they provide will make the biggest difference when it comes to any type of hosting. Without great support, you may spend your entire day trying to fix issues instead of dealing with more important things.

When you find a hosting company with both a great reputation and high-quality technical support, you gain the ability to move your company forward faster. Great hosting support will take care of most of your issues before you actually encounter them. This will save you time and provide you with a larger amount of uptime.

Of course, issues do happen and when you actually have to contact support, they should be very quick with a response. You don’t want to be waiting all day long to fix an important issue. The better the support team of your hosting, the faster your issues will be fixed and the sooner you can get back to moving on with other important business tasks.

The Top Server Monitoring, Support and Linux Servers from ITX Design

Finding the right Linux hosting, at an affordable price, makes it much easier to move forward with your business. At ITX Design, we not only provide the most reliable Linux dedicated servers, but also award-winning support and server monitoring. Since our team of experienced industry professionals work 24/7/365, you never have to worry about downtime. We even offer you a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

If you’ve been searching for great Linux hosting from a company with the best technical support, your search is over. Our team is dedicated to providing you with an affordable option for your dedicated server needs. We give you all the top features and our support team can help you set up any specific features you need.

Contact our support team today and let us help you find the right Linux dedicated servers for your specific needs.

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