Which WordPress Plugins are Best for Multi-Author Management in WordPress?

Managing a multi-author website or blog can be a daunting task. There’s so much to do from author bio boxes to making sure everybody stays on task.

With the right WordPress plugin, you can easily manage a multi-author blog without issues. Here are some of the top choices for your management plugin.

Co-Authors Plus Plugin for WordPress

Co-Author Plus

The Co-Authors Plus plugin allows you to assign multiple bylines for pages, posts and custom post types. You can do many different things with this plugin to help manage your multi-author website. Sometimes, more than one person contributes to a post or page. When this happens, this plugin makes it easy to add co-authors and more.

Simple Local Avatars WordPress Plugin

Simple Local Avatars

With the Simple Local Avatars Plugin for WordPress you can add avatars to all the user provides easily. It will generate the right sizes and make it easier to include a picture with each author.

Capability Manager Enhanced WordPress Plugin

Capability Manager Enhanced

If you want to enjoy a plugin that makes it very easy to assign roles and capabilities for your writers, this is the one for you. It’s easy to modify the different permissions for categories, posts and pages with the Capability Manager Enhanced Plugin.

Restrict Author Posting Plugin for WordPress

Restrict Author Posting

With the Restrict Author Posting WordPress Plugin

you can keep each contributor from posting in specific categories. This plugin will allow you to choose a specific category for each author to use.

Adminimize Plugin for WordPress

Restricting what authors can see within the WordPress dashboard is important. With the Adminimize Plugin for WordPress you gain full control over what each author can see. You can hide plugins and other information they don’t need access to or even need to see.

These plugins will all help when you are trying to manage a multi-author blog on the WordPress platform. They help with restrictions, assigning co-authors and so much more.

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