Which Free Author Bio Box Plugins are the Best for WordPress?

When you start a new blog, you need to create an author bio box. This is perfect for those looking to include more than one author or even those with just one author. The author bio box allows readers to associate the content on the blog with a specific person. You may need a plugin to make this happen. Here are some of the top choices for your free author bio box plugin for WordPress.

WP About Author WordPress Plugin

WP About Author

The WP About Author WordPress Plugin creates a nice author bio box with the option to add social media icons. It’s very easy to customize and will display below each one of your posts.

Sexy Author Bio WordPress Plugin

Sexy Author Bio

Another good choice for your free author bio box is the Sexy Author Bio WordPress Plugin. This one will allow you to add a bit of a different looking author bio box complete with social media icons. It’s customizable and can be used for single or multiple authors on your blog.

Author Bio Box WordPress Plugin

Author Bio Box

The Author Bio Box WordPress Plugin is a very basic choice. It will display your information with smaller social icons and a picture. If you just want something simple, this is a very good choice.

Author Box Ultimate WordPress Plugin

Author Box Ultimate

You will be able to display author information under each posts with the Author Box Ultimate Plugin for WordPress. This plugin gives you multiple themes and backgrounds you can use to customize your author bio box.

Any of these author bio box plugins will make it very easy for you to create an attractive author bio box for your blog. Whether you plan to be the only one posting your blog will feature multiple authors, you can get your bio boxes done with these excellent free WordPress plugins.

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