Which Category Hacks and Plugins are Most Wanted for WordPress?

There are many category plugins and hacks perfect for WordPress users. Narrowing the list down to just a few of the top choices isn’t easy. However, here are some of the top Category Hacks and Plugins for WordPress.

Category Icon Adding in WordPress

With the right images representing your categories, your WordPress website can stand out much better. With the Taxonomy Images Plugin, you can add icons to your categories. Just download and install the plugin, then go to the Settings>>Taxonomy Images section in your WordPress dashboard.

Taxonomy Image

Once you change the setting, you can go to the Post>>Categoriessection and click on the thumbnail to add an image to each category.

Using Category Templates

With a powerful theme engine, WordPress makes it possible to do many things. One of the things you can do is create a category template to display all of your category pages. You can even create custom category templates and name them for each category. This can be done by using the basic category.php template of your theme as your starting point. You can duplicate and modify this file, as necessary.

Creating RSS Feeds for Categories

Maybe one of the most popular and most powerful category hacks for WordPress is using RSS feeds for each category. All you have to do is add “/feed/” at the end of the category URL. It will look something like this:


Just add this link to the category template and you’re all set. This will allow you to let users subscribe to categories, instead of the entire website/blog.

Using Categories for Your Pages in WordPress

Since the default setting for WordPress only allows you to use categories for posts, you may want to make changes to this. With the Posts Tags and Categories for Pages WordPress plugin, you can start using your categories for pages. This is an out-of-the-box solution you can easily configure to work with your WordPress website.

After installing and activating the plugin, you can just go to the “Pages” section and you will find the “Categories” and the “Tags” option under this menu.

Categories And Tags

These are just a few of the many Category Hacks and Plugins you can use with your WordPress website. Many others exist, but these are the most popular.

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