Can you Disable the Full Height Post Editor in WordPress?

The newer versions of WordPress take away the scroll bar and create a full-height post editor in WordPress. However, some users don’t care for this and want the scroll bar back.

It’s possible to disable the full-height post editor in WordPress. Since this was introduced in WordPress 4.0, if you are using an older version, it won’t apply to you. However, you should update your version of WordPress, as it’s always smart to use the most recent version.

When you write a post in WordPress 4.0, you will notice the height of the post editor will adjust and you won’t need a scroll bar.

Adjusting Height Editor

For some, this is a great feature and it can be useful, sometimes. However, now you have to scroll through your entire post just to get to the custom fields and meta boxes. Some WordPress users don’t care for this and they want the old editor screen back.

How to Get Rid of the Full-Height Editor in WordPress

The full-height editor in WordPress can be disables by logging into the admin area of your WordPress website. Go to the “Add New” option under “Posts” and click the “Screen Options” menu from the top right of the screen.

Screen Options

This will give you a flydown menu with the option to “enable the full-height editor and distraction-free functionality.”

Full Height Editor Disable


Just uncheck the box and you will have disables the full-height editor. You can also drag the editor from the bottom right corner to adjust the size.

That’s all it takes and you will be back to seeing the scroll bar and using the editor without scrolling through every paragraph to get to your meta boxes. This gives you an additional option within the post editor and allows you to choose which editor feature you prefer.

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