Is it Possible to Bulk Schedule your WordPress Posts?

The ability to bulk schedule your blog posts makes a huge different in WordPress. You can already schedule a post without any issues, but if you have multiple posts you want to schedule, you need a plugin to help. Here’s how you can bulk schedule your WordPress posts.

Using the Drafts Scheduler WordPress Plugin

Before you do anything else, you will need to download the Drafts Scheduler Plugin for WordPress. Install the plugin and activate it, then you can find it under Posts>>Draft Scheduler within your WordPress Dashboard.

Draft Scheduler Under Posts

When you click on this section, you will have a page that will allow you to create a posting order, schedule a start date and more.

Draft Scheduler Page

You can choose to schedule posts, pages, notices or any other custom post type. After choosing the type, you can choose a schedule start date and the post order. You can either have the posts scheduled randomly or you can put them in sequential order from oldest to newest.

You can also choose the “Post Randomly” option with parameters. Set the number of posts per day, week or month, along with the time you want them scheduled. This makes it easy to load many posts and have them scheduled to go live when you prefer.

After setting up the schedule, you will want to save your changes. If you made a mistake, you can always undo the schedule and it will un-schedule all the posts already scheduled.

Undo Schedule

Once you have the plugin set up, it will schedule posts for you and you don’t have to worry about anything. The plugin will do the rest and you will be all set to bulk schedule your posts in WordPress.

This plugin is great for those using a content service and receiving their content in bulk. You can set up your posts to automatically go out when you want without having to schedule each and every one of them.

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